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  1. Thaba trails tech loop. That place takes no prisoners!
  2. Fitting a 40mm longer fork to your bike will have a severe impact on handling. Climbing will become more of a challenge with a shorter effective top tube and slacker seat tube angle. Cornering will be worse as a result of a higher BB. Downhill might be a bit better, but you'd be better off getting a bike designed around that much travel.
  3. Reece looked like he was pushing the ragged edge. Was worried he was going to bin it spectacularly
  4. Was the Deed rim on my Pyga Hyrax. Seems they are pretty soft!
  5. Shot Droo! Have them on order
  6. The section after "hawk alley" going up to the fence which runs down to the old entrance was burned recently. Couple of trees down and one area a bit collapsed. Nothing serious, but keep eyes peeled!
  7. Hi All I smooshed the stock rim on my bike over the weekend, so am looking to get a new one. This will be for my Pyga Hyrax, so I'm looking for rims that prioritise durability over weight. I’ll be doing the Gauteng Enduro series (maybe even the SA Champs at Iron Throne) and they’ll see use at Wolwespruit as well. So far the DT EX 511 and WTB KOM Tough i30 are the ones that I can get hold of and that match my 32 hole hubs. Looking for thoughts as to which ones would be the better bet before pushing the buy button. Leaning towards the DT Swiss though
  8. When the chambers equalize, when you push the seal past the dimple, the chambers will have the same pressure. Bear in mind at the same time the negative chamber is expanding in size for a small time as this happens. When the fork goes back to it’s resting position, the size of the negative chamber has shrunk relative to when it was being equalized. Suddenly the 70PSI at the equalization volume is under pressure and is more than 70PSI, say 80PSI. This is the negative force that pushes the fork into its travel. When the negative chamber is too big or has to much pressure in it, you get fork suck down, which was happening to the B1 forks. The same can happen if you let all the pressure out of your fork too quickly or if the equalization port is plugged with grease and the negative chamber cannot release its air.
  9. The foot nut changes where the fork chambers equalize their pressure, nothing to do with travel. There is a lot of chat on this topic on the MTBR forum but the consensus is if you try and combine the C1 footnut with the B1 air shaft you will end up with a fork that does not work very well. If you want more travel, buy the proper air shaft for your air spring system. From personal experience there is not a massive difference between the two springs. You can get a much bigger impact on performance by servicing the fork regularly and getting the bushings burnished
  10. Based on the CyclingTips article on NextHash, I'd say it is pretty likely to be the case
  11. Looks like a decent bike with decent bits for a decent price.
  12. No worries Darren. Just trying to make a point. I'm sure you're also miffed at losing out on a sale. For me, and I am sure many others out there, online communication is where it is at. If you have the systems, but they aren't being used properly, then you are just upsetting the potential customers who wish to make use of them. I dealt with two other Specialized dealers whilst looking for a bike, one solely via Facebook messenger and the other via WhatsApp after a web enquiry. Both were super efficient and would have had the sale if they had stock.
  13. The Spez website indicated an Epic Evo in stock at the dealership. Went to their site and saw they had a dedicated online query system. Filled in all my details and was given the indication they would be in touch ASAP. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Specialized Paarl took 7 days to reply to a query submitted on their fancy online sales system. Specialized SA offered to help after my initial observation above and have still not replied to an email and a PM, also after 7 days. In the meantime my local Scott dealer was super responsive and arranged a new Spark 910 for me.
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