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  1. 100% correct 2014 ws all 29ers and the 1st time they introduced the Elite in the range
  2. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/chainrings/498747/32t-oneup-9496-bcd-chainring How can BCD be both 94 and 96 WHY can people not post the offset in chainrings😡
  3. I did not like this e-bike thing E-bike should start first and get out the way, not very funny when they come pass you close on a hill doing double your speed and close enough to feel their wind. It has "unfortunately" given way too much speed to people who dont normally ride and hence has no idea on some road riding "unwritten rules" I am for e-bikes giving more people access to the CTCT but darn, can they just educate themselfs a tiny bit on overtaking not come past so close.
  4. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/502839/large-carbon-specialized-epic-1x12-eagle-dropper No year model mentioned. But this is 2018 From what I remember this bike sold new for about 60K Specialized website states that a Large is 175-185( not even the older ones went to 190) "Size large 175-190cm." R500 shipping = what?
  5. Would have loved to ask why on the add as I am sure others would also like to know. Saves the poster having to answer same question 10 times
  6. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/502801/2020-s-works-epic Who resprays a year old bike?
  7. I have contacted 3 people now wrt bikes being advertised Send them a DM and then whatsapp Asked for info, and nothing. NOW it would be great if I could leave a comment on their add saying "dont waste your time, this person does not respond / care / or look like they want to sell" These people that advertise but dont want to tell you more about what they are selling One person I asked if the bike is 100 or 120 mm Fork, and he does not know. "bike is at the shop, will have to ask them and get back to you" Admin I am really thinking about not using BH any longer
  8. we are on the same page any RIM can go tubeless, but what you use it for and what tyre you put on it is the issue high pressure and tubeless is not going to be a good combo
  9. why will it not work? I have converted road rims before, but I did not run them at 8bar as the sealand wont seal anything anyway
  10. That is what I said "But tubeless is not for any/all tyres or any/all disciplines" You can convert any rim BUT is it safe / and will it work etc etc is different story Not all
  11. Any rim can be made tubeless. But tubeless is not for any/all tyres or any/all disciplines 😀
  12. OP glad you posted here. Because I can make sure I never sell to you or buy from you. Bikehub and the rating system has worked well for me. Seems you want the @Matt to code the arseholeness out of peoples character
  13. Sorry I did not read properly
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