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  1. Once a document has been leaked on the internet, is it not public ? Spez is being Spez here
  2. Ahh shimano stuff I have only ever used SRAM on 11 and 12 speed. When correctly setup I have not had any issues on either 11 or 12 speed.
  3. Could you please expand on how you got to that? I would love to hear why you say or what experience you had that made you decicde this
  4. Using it on its own does not really save much unless your "tank/Geyer" is placed in such a way that it cools quickly I did the excersize where I switched the geyser on at 5am then off at 6am and then on again at 5pm and off at 6pm for 15 days, and monitored the electricty usage, Can tell you that we did not see much of a "saving" as our one stayed hot during the day
  5. Nope the PV does not supply power to the geyser (well not in my case) The water circulates via teh panels and thus gets heated. The geyser element ONLY get power from Eskom or not at all
  6. Geyerwise is excatly that ===> a timer You tell is when to switch on, based on TEMP in geyer and time of day. excample ours is set to switch on the geyers at 16:30 if follwing conditions are not met If temp is not 45 deg then the GW will switch on the element and heat up water to 55deg and switch of. at 17:30 GW switches off the element until the next morning at 5:30 and then checks temp again and if below 45 it will heat up untill 55. If the temp is 45 -55 deg the element remains off irrespective of the time of day The panels will heat the water during the day and some have a pump to move water from "tank" to panels in order to heat up the water. Geyerwise will be doing nothing except stop eskom power from reaching the geyser
  7. Why can he not use the fork he has? Boostanator will work and it is tapered already?
  8. I think TBMTBC should exclude Meerendal from the membership network That does not mean people will not be able to ride it, just that Meerendal then has to do their own maintenace and people get to pay the day fee. For me, it seems Meerendal does not want cyclist there so why should TBMTBC spend engergy there, when they can look at building something simular somewhere else?
  9. What Hairy said OP came out saying plugs are temp measure wich is nonsense
  10. Saw it at Bikeshop, when I was browing around.
  11. I have also used that method, if the frame has wheel on it already But once or twice I had a frame without wheels so I put it on the ground/supported
  12. I saw it being done to a Sworks It was only the frame and seatpost in the stand. Was shocked hence my question here,. But also thought maybe it is ok? I always did it the way you describe
  13. What do you think about clamping a carbon bike at the seatpost and then hammering out the BB? Without any other support onto the frame? Would it not put lots of stress on the seatpost and maybe cause horizontal cracks in the carbon seat tube? I have always put the frame on something on the ground and supported it when removing a BB but maybe I have been wasting my time?
  14. I get what you are saying So the bike is front wheel low. But setpost is not in the center of gravity of teh bike so there will still be a bit of force?
  15. If clamp is on the stanchion like in this pic Does the heavy front not pull down and thus could bend it ?
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