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  1. Cherry


    Any body interested in taking over our Joburg2c entry - we wont be able to take part in the event? Please PM me.
  2. Continental! Continental! Continental! Front - Mountain Kings 2.4 Back - Race King 2.2 Use Continental sealant as well. Works for us. :-)
  3. When it comes to this I want to cry. Well done to those who made it! For those who didn’t, you'll know when it is the end of the road for you, otherwise there is always next time! Politics always seem to leave a bitter taste!
  4. Hey Big H... just noticed... we are old in Hubber years hey!
  5. Ja they did... i think it all came to light eventually... this is good memories...must admit! They also claimed to have won some race and sure they did because the race was cancelled! Hehe... some peeps!
  6. That is absolutely very possible! It happened in the Argus in the ladies race in 2004 I think, when I used to race. A lady by the name Ronel Liz (who I sadly got mistaken for ) did that and she managed to finish just 15 seconds ahead of Anriette, placing us 2nd and third. Anriette was basically in tears! I could not stop laughting when this women pitched up for dope control, she was a fun ryder through and through! T-shirt and all... her Boyfriend did the same and they both won the aldies and A bunch respectively! People amaze me sometimes! It was all sorted at the time but made big headlines!
  7. Very Mighty... nothing like all that years of experience!!! You can be as fit as you want to be, but you must know how!
  8. Classic .... nothing like the facts! Do you guys really want to go there... Just now they will shut this site down!
  9. It is a good one though! I saw that some of you were wondering what I'm up to...Im very well... believe it or not... I still follow everything that is going on in the cycling world!
  10. http://video.kenblockracing.com/flash/small_player/preloader.swf?vendor_id=204&media_id=9183&bgcolor=FFFFFF&
  11. hey.... jy is n mamparra... Vento alliminium deep section wheels has been around for a very long time, i dont even think you will find one of them around anymore.... maybe it was bfore your time..
  12. I broke a wheel (campag Vento) about 10 years ago... Cyclesure actualy was one of my sponsors at the time...same story... approved immediately and no hassle... so just comes to show... good service from the day they started out!!!
  13. Hey Guys...some more pic's please...! I quess you will always wonder what turns a red head on!
  14. Can you remember the last jump... the Cliffhange Back Flip!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.sportzpics.net/viewphoto.php?&albumId=49087&imageId=2031554&page=3&imagepos=20
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