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  1. It's a gimmick really. I wouldn't waste your money or your time on them. They're about as useful as those 6 back flex machines that guarantee you a six pack while you drink beer and watch TV. Get the wife a running pram and send her out in the afternoon. Find exercises... cardio and strength training etc that you can do at home. Go for walks after work and then park runs etc Saturday Good Luck Edit: It's all about finding the right combo to work with
  2. Ah - But surely carbs last 10 mins and then you crash? So I am thinking jelly babies, maybe energade gummies, zaams with peanut butter etc No biltong then I am going to look like I have piles will all the food in my back
  3. My name's Chris... why are you doubting?
  4. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/221596814772-0-1/s-l1000.jpg
  5. https://www.strava.com/segments/7516832
  6. Just worried about that last suiker climb. I was injured from that.... but will try it again. Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone, much appreciated Tubehunter jou p*!# thanks for the advice. I did emperors classic earlier this year and have done mountain bike races and the last race was the Mogale 80km last weekend. Thornville and Ichang... got it! I am going to try this weekend with biltong and see. Seems cradle is out and Suikerbos broke me... so I'll have to find another place
  8. Hi guys, As a relatively inexperienced rider doing my first big race (Amashova), I would appreciate some advice from the vets or anyone who has done it as to how to go about the race. I have heard war stories and want to make sure I firstly am prepared and secondly I enjoy it. Do you suggest the following: Food and nutrition: Droe Wors and Biltong for the ride and 2 bottles of rehydrate mixed with energade. I have heard its a hot humid race and maybe taking a camelbak would also help? Is a good strategy eating every 20mins? Granny gears going up the hills - slow and steady I have also been told to sit right on the tip of the seat for more power on hills. It seems to me that I am sore after 50 odd km and can't do this Any ideas as to how to stop the cramping in bum after half the race? Do you stop and stretch to get it to stop? It almost feels like blood pooling... flipping annoying. Is it worth having a route profile on your bike as a strategy? Any other tips would be appreciated!
  9. Pink Floyd - wish you were here.... Rolling Stones - Wild horses Gets me every time!
  10. Little kids are minting it on their own as well... great for little entrepreneurs. Interesting enough, Nintendo shares went up 75% in a week... and then ironically had 6 billion dollars wiped off their shares due to casually stating that "Pokemon Go was not a money making idea". Silly.
  11. Not sure who the usual is, but I assume so. Not a good reputation to have - especially when you are trying to sell to people. You build up a reputation.
  12. Buying a bike and then reselling for a profit - is that fair? I've had an experience with an individual who snapped up a bike on the hub. Fair enough, he got there first. What ticked me off was when I met to sell my bike to him (the irony), there was said bike in the back of the bakkie. When I asked him if I could buy the bike, he slapped on a R4000 profit on it without even touching it. This was after he mistakenly paid me the bikes worth on top of my bike sale and I EFT ed the bikes worth back to him Dunno - maybe a sale is a sale.
  13. Girlfriend uses PLEX. Try it, no ads and awesome.
  14. Awesome advice, thank you I am suspicious of second hand DS bikes, as you don't know the history, as well as the "secret" damage that has been done. I am trying to avoid second hand MTB, but looking for a second hand road bike So I guess HT it is, thanks
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