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  1. Similar story as above my bike was stolen offered rewards, popped up everywhere I got a call from a guy in Edenvale he saw my bike, eventually I get a call from the “police” they have my bike sent me “proof of life” with dodgy meet me behind the shed ****, phoned the insurance who had already paid me out I said there is my bike get it I’ll buy it back, his answer no I must get it told him no skin off my back I’m trying to save you money insurance expensive or cheap will always look for gaps, now my bikes are under my house policy and if I leave the house I have big cover for theft, and the bikes need not be specified as that was insane money im NOW insured with santam long story short it was being used as a commute🙈🙈🙈
  2. Swiss, as I said before like seeks like, I have been in groups where a split second of anger could escalate and Both times involved cyclists and vehicles, I have always chased down the group rider on his way to do something stupid and asked them "really is it worth it/ are you just plane dumb, leave it." There are at least 3 hubbers off the top of my head that I have rode with that could confirm. And yes I would primarily try to deescalate the situation or jump between them, say I was not successful and this situation presented itself, I am 100% sure I would convince the attacker to do the right thing, to be honest, and step up and do the right thing, I chose my cycling groups carefully, A) I want it to be fun B) I want it to be fun C) I want everyone going home in one piece,,,,,,,and D) most importantly I want to keep up long story short, I will get the 2 parties together
  3. I dont care if they photo shop the background out, someone in that group MUST be thinking,,,, this is wrong, this cannot be left like that, And one day I will be known as part of the problem possibly on social media for not speaking out FOR a clear pic and a name that can be confirmed by the victim i`ll throw in R2k to start with, then the victim can forward it on to the authorities
  4. Just curious, maybe I missed a post, Has a reward been offered?? I would club in for a photo and a name of the tough guy, someone in that group must want something in their christmas stocking, there must be pics of the group having a coffee/beer stop surely ?? Circle the boxer and give a name and collect the reward?? Anonymously send it into my/admin in box ill forward it and confirm identity if it checks out ill give a reward????
  5. SAPS, the days were you could appeal for updates or being more aggressive has looong gone, unless it goes viral unfortunately lately things generally only escalate when there is a racial attack or twitter goes bezerk about the flavor of the day, what ever that is on the day,,,then pooof that is OLD NEWS, the biggest issue is identification, half the cyclists look like different people without helmets and lycra Had there been one cctv pic I would not even waste my time with SAPS I would take that info to the biggest private security in the area Best case scenario one of the "mates" who he bragged to comes forward,,but I wouldnt holb my breath Sort soek Sort
  6. Genuinely *** behavior few obsevations please stop calling this Tonsil a man, call him what he is a bully, coward, yes you reading this meet me behind the shed at break, grow up I hope you get the councilor that helps, the sooner the better and to be honest after a few years on a bike I am really surprised this doesnt happen more,, SA are some aggro boytjies I feel sorry for his family if he has any, and to the tonsil who calls you a friend grow a pair and tell your "friend/life partner" to do the right thing,
  7. I have found even 2 glasses of wine/whiskey puts my stress levels through the roof(according to my garmin) according to my brain I am chilled, my stress pie graph goes orange from drink number 2 and only turns blue the next day after 12, it is a consistent as the sun rising and setting, my garmin does not like me drinking
  8. I will one up you,, I called my lbs asked do they have stock? " yes Sir" I say sweet sending my procurement officer (wife),,,, needless to say she came home asking " so do you know how much is this stand?,,,,,and how much did you say the trainer cost again 😆
  10. I would rather take a 2kg colon blow, even If I won it, I would send my driver to collect it and take it straight to Mikesmoous,,,,, He can sell anything I`m sure he would have to break it down for components
  11. Nope, he rode it 6 hours and I HAD TO SELL IT for him,
  12. my non cycling BIL bought a Giant e-bike I told him he is wasting his money, we went for a cruz on the flats he cried like a biatch, up hills I did, so what did the tonsil do, put a bigger gear had the soft limiter REMOVED and he went back alone and pipped me on strava on the flats,,,,,,,,,,,e-doping is REAL
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