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  1. where is the beer option, these rigged "polls" for the poll ICE COLD BUCKET OF ZAMALEGS
  2. I understand it as such, my point of view was that from the general rat race that is life,,,, and compare that to the videos we watched of the people in Italy/France in their little one bedroom apartments
  3. no the cape is just surprised to see something like this in "GANGSTERS PARADISE" as cape town is the crime hotspot of bike jackings🤪
  4. that is my idea of a GOOD quality life, I would give up chasing my tail in a heart beat to live like that if my wife would agree, looking at those pics I would sum the overall situation as content, sad
  5. In noobs and long time Hubbers defense, look at page 1 SOLD by Hubbers name not for sale SOLD BY COULD MEAN FOR SALE OR ALREADY SOLD I bought a bike a few month ago as I was watching it I sent it to a mate, and he laughed he said “too late it’s sold” when the ad refreshed by the seller and I bought it, I nearly lost it because I thought it was sold and so did my mate just a thought
  6. madmarc is not wrong a decent second hand bike to start with,, nothing wrong if you dont enjoy it sell it, if you do enjoy upgrade win win
  7. once, on a rock not a fond memory, point is pre all this new "light tech" did you know what a cassette cost or gave a dam,,probably not as they lasted looooong
  8. all I know is I will buy a few each time I go into my LBS, as it seems with all "better" vs2,345 products they just dont seem to last, when I started riding bikes I never even knew what was the ball park price of a cassette as they were only replaced if I fell or I spoilt myself buying a really old second hand bike with a poked cassette and then it was lunch money to replace Man bike parts pricing insane never mind bikes
  9. mine works perfectly, no mess no fuss, yip so did the little bottles of lube I used before I can aim, gimmick or not I got no issue filling it up and using it as it does not get blocked
  10. Ridgeway cycling is in greenstone, great stock levels, workshop that is always prepared to help and know what they are doing sales you can speak to Rory, workshop Anton 011 524-0192 the more I deal with them the more it pays off.
  11. RIP, condolences to the family, Savages kill someone for a bike they might get R2000 for, sickening
  12. Hopefully quality pics up on the cannondales
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