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  1. It is here! Crank based power meter. It is not like the spider based power, so no left/right balance, but I don't care. Now the torque wrench just needs to arrive then I can install!
  2. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    Ek het nou die dag nogal aan die man en sy maniere gedink. Dankie!
  3. ewep

    Canyon Germany

    Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) a bit far for a weekday.
  4. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    Robbie, difficult one. An option, if you want one with a bit more "technical" ability, is to also look at the gravel bikes with front suspension. I saw one while riding on Sunday and the rider took the technical line while I took the chicken run.
  5. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    CENSOR CENSOR CENSOR. Ek dink Matt jaag my weg as ek nou met die gesprek voortgaan 😆
  6. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    Have done one ride so far. Still a bit unsure about the setup here AND my SA winter kit is USELESS! Ek kan netsowel net met 'n bib ry! I have to get some decent kit before I spend real time outside. So for now I am chasing higher temperatures. Sunday was 9-12°. Hoping for the same this weekend. I have also ordered a Powermeter for the bike. Waiting (impatiently) and will send further pics when I receive it.
  7. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    Wanneer laas het jy 'n happiness gehad? 😆
  8. DD, nee ou! Nou moet ek aan mense try vertel hoekom ek sit en lag. En die mense verstaan nie onse taal nie!
  9. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    DD, sit op jou bril, dis GEDROOGDE TAMATIE!
  10. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    Saw it on the interwebs at the end of 2023.
  11. ewep

    Canyon Grizl

    Ek like my GEDROOGDE TAMATIE fiets!!!
  12. I took my bike to the Canyon Head Office in Koblenz Germany. Some pics of the experience. The pics really don't do the place justice. Main building. This contains the clothing and accessories shop, a normal bike exhibition, a decent coffee shop, some offices and the service department. Bikes booked in for a service. A lot of the EU citizens send their bikes to Canyon by courier for a service. E-Bike showroom. E-bikes are a huge part of the German landscape. Mostly for commuting. It is not funny to see a family (dad, mom and kids) riding to school and work. Not only in fair weather, rain, snow or sunshine, they ride. One of 3 office building. Some of the display. I couldn't take too many pics as it is frowned upon if you 'catch' someone in your pics. Do these pics give away my preference to bikes? Each area shows some of the Canyon specific parts. A very special area. If you order the bike and you are willing to take on the drive your bike will be delivered to you here. This is a full bespoke service.
  13. So I decided that it was time to get a new gravel due to spending some time in Germany. I ordered the bike online (quick and easy process thanks to Paypal). So some pics of the process. The packed bike Nicely packed and wrapped. NO it is not pink! It is Dried Tomato according to Canyon. I'll just call it rust. The box with the smaller parts, instructions and even a torque wrench. The black box and scissors are mine! Included parts. Wheel reflectors are the law here. A dry bag included, just because. Set of DT Swiss wheels. Tubless still needs to be done. So the assembly begins. Included tools. Bike out, bars on DONE! So full spec: Canyon Grizl Carbon Frame Sram Apex AXS ST Swiss Alu wheels
  14. New gravel. Color is Dried Tomato. Die ou kiekie laat dit pienk lyk, maar is meer roes.
  15. Your nutrition program should be sustainable! Remember, you go out with your family or friends. Being LCHF or banting will become an issue. Work function, major issues. Been there, done that.
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