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  1. Looking for a good LBS in the Winlands (Paarl/Wellington). I need to have TT bars changed on my bike but the cables are in the bloody frame so I can't do it. And I don't want to do a backwards and forwards with the LBS. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
  2. First ride in.... errrrrrm.... plenty long time. But new scenery makes the suffering less!
  3. I need to replace my handlebar setup. The Felt Bayonet system is brilliant but it is just too slammed down. Where can I buy a full Profile Design handlebar setup with “spacers” of between 80 and 140mm? Alu or carbon as I need to watch the price. I’m based in Wellington.
  4. ewep

    947 Ride Joburg

    I did some marshalling (Think Bike marshals) in the late 2000's. At a few races I was on the leading bike for the Elite Men. I was very fortunate that the route mess never happened, but at a race or 2 (fortunately I was marshalling later groups then) the routes were changed by the organisers. This was done WHILE the bunch was racing. The only people informed were in the lead car. The lead bike was informed and then usually fell back close to the "change in route" point and the lead car took over. BUT, typically a TB marshal would then stay behind and wait for a "foot" marshal to take over the point. One of the risks discussed often by the marshals was what would happen if the lead car was not reached?The elite riders trust the leading vehicles (whether car or motorbike). So Emma following the lead car was the accepted operating procedure. I do however agree that Emma should have turned around and gone back when she reached the danger tape. The lead car made a major mistake here by going through the tape and the driver should take the blame for the mess at that point.
  5. Peak traffic, in rain on Main Road and I had people rather waiting behind me while I was struggling along than "skuur"-ing past me. Or a morning run around Paarl Mall and KWV with ZERO issues. It was live and let live. I miss the place! I avoided Lady Grey at all times (they tried me in the bakkie and FAILED) and the road past Boschenmeer during daylight hours (daai anties in hulle se fensie tjorre).
  6. Paarl and Wellington are some of the BEST cycling/running roads around!
  7. Dear sir, your post is USELESS without pics.
  8. 2 straps have died on me (only the straps though). Was looking at the Pro, but the price.
  9. Where oh WHERE did you get a new strap?
  10. I don't know this product but I am running AmpliFi Mesh router at home. DRASTIC change to my old WiFi setup. My LG TV has not given me any issues since the install.
  11. It's in preparation for a break-in/robbery. This was done at my BiL business premises. They had the guys on camera while stealing the beam. While my BiL was replacing the beam with a spare the guys drove past the business again. 2 were caught. After some time spent with SAPS it came out that the beams are stolen at night or weekends. The fitment guys of the alarm companies aren't around which leaves that part without coverage which gives the baddies a place to get in. Although the interior has sensors, etc it takes time for the armed response to get there. We now have an extra beam ready to be fitted and wired if need be.
  12. I had me one of these. AWESOME AWESOME bike! Would buy one in the same livery again without thinking twice. @delgado, do you maybe have an "after" pic somewhere?
  13. Just shows you the pure, unadulterated power and strain that a triathlete puts on a freehub!!!!!
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