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  1. Show us on the doll where he hurt you.
  2. They're over R2k now (speaking from recent purchase experience). But can you really put a price on that sound it brings??
  3. Still not enough snacks to get you up Viljoen's Pass...
  4. Don't pretend like you don't have a top tube bag for your snacks...
  5. When Marc and I ride together he usually ends up riding alone lol
  6. Can we get some pictures so we are all on the same page?
  7. Lots of racing snakes around too!
  8. Tokai, as in the area where the trails are, is safe to ride alone and I do it pretty often. There have, however, been a number of incidents of armed robbery and muggings on the greenbelts closer to the freeway. The latest incident was actually this morning where a woman was held up at gunpoint. So just pick your route into the area wisely.
  9. I've had a 4iiii single sided power meter for over two years now and absolutely no issues at all. Easy to connect to and calibrate and gives you an adjustable scale factor so you can adjust the power output readings to match your trainer or another power meter that's on a different bike.
  10. Do we need to put the pinch of salt into our bottles to replace what we lost while training??
  11. Guy, you need to stop reliving your glory days
  12. These are cool if you're a millionaire
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