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  1. Where does one apply for CSA membership, what is involved?
  2. Is the WACT race, this weekend, using the PPA seeding numbers or something different?
  3. Agreed with everything you said, but I want us to dream and just maybe in all of it's insanity lies some semblance of reason... after all - we have the knysna cycle race in mid July, and a winter day means a later start (more light) and generally a cooler day negating the effects of a long day out for some. Wouldn't it be cool to rekindle that argus competitiveness mid year again? PS: Who trains for 100km anyway do that on a cup of tea and a bad mood
  4. We might have to forgo the skills of Phil Ligget as he'll be busy at the tour de france but sure can manage with Owen and Johnny
  5. Thanks for the thread - I am sure all of us have been debating the merits of changing Argus dates now. I was thinking of mid June - possibly July - specifically the weekend after the Knysna road race - that way it is a second stop for committed cyclists, practically zero chance of fire, or hot weather meaning a full day event will present little concerns about heat stroke and riding in rain is not great but I'll take it over gales. Now here's some wishful thinking, imagine a double header weekend, stellenbosch cycle tour on Saturday morning and argus on Sunday morning in July - two races in two days - perfect for travelers, kill two birds with one trip. Also for international cyclists, it is perfect, slap bang in their summer of cyclo-sportif fun Now taking the idea to it's ultimate conclusion is to have the even hosted twice a year, once in Summer - current date (second sunday in March) and then also in Winter (July) - you can do both if you like or one if you like. As far as the practicality of it goes - unsure? but am more than convinced it won't take much to convince authorities to get on board considering the amount of revenue, hype, publicity etc the event generates, now they will get it twice a year $$$$$$ thoughts...
  6. Thanks guys for the input, very good points about the harbour safety and indemnity, but have mailed them anyway - lets see what they say.
  7. I am wondering if a new topic is the way to go with my post but thought I would post it here all the same just to get the "wheels" turning. While training this morning to Suikerbossie we (a friend and me) decided to use the harbor road instead of the bike path. We were turned away at the entrance to the harbor, where it was made clear to us that we need a "pass" to enter the harbor. Now I am all for following the rules but thought perhaps it better if PPA could apply for cyclists to be allowed to use the harbor road to gain access to the CBD, waterfront etc. This way it could be a "blanket pass" for all cyclists who opt for the harbor road instead of the bike path. We all know how dangerous that infernal bike path is. PPA care to comment?
  8. aaah ok - did not know that - cheers for heads up
  9. Was wondering if Red hill is safe to ride these days, ascending and descending either side around 8 in the morning?
  10. Same as above although Giro Apeckx Road Shoes - 43 White-Black please.
  11. does RR still race? why was he not there?
  12. i think a lot of you have a problem with Lance because he has done so well. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes in that or any team. I think Lance is great and he is doing very well, i expected him to win, but he does not seem to have the edge to do it.
  13. i used to use the steppers quite often as well as a huge dose of running on the tredmills. The great thing about the gym is not so much the benefit from being able to train in a safe, warm environment but more the continuity it generates by way of motivation. I have always maintained that consistency is the key to success, not necessarily only quality, but more the ability to continue your program in a consistent manner. Although i would say that riding on the bike is the best training for riding a bike, being able to sustain a 4am ride every day of the week for months e takes a very disciplined person who enjoys that solice / cold / danger. I couldn't / would'nt do that, for me, having the social interaction of people and pleasant conditions kept me COMING BACK - and thats the secret I usually did alot of the stepper machine, loads of running, a bit of core and some spinning - great fun, loads of ppl and it worked for me - i was not great - but i had respectable results
  14. Hi, not involved in cycling anymore, but will he be allowed to comptete at the tour this year given his history? if so, then why did the tour not allow other convicted dopers back lack of consistency perhaps? or other politics
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