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  1. Yes that is amazing thank you for doing this legend. I will pop in there and get you back somehow.
  2. Hi guys taking a chance here lost my Axs battery cage on Klipheuwel or Faircape over the weekend if anyone picked it up pls contact me. Thanks.
  3. I run Ikon 29er 2.6 tyres at 1.4 bar on Tygerberg trails also big guy and very fast. Run these with no issue.
  4. Call their head office here in Cape Town and ask them where to go locally. I did that and they helped me locate a dealer.
  5. I ride those trails a lot and I enjoyed it to do them in a race, a bit more stress. The USN water points were great and I have enough Gels for a while now, that last 10km was brutal, I saw one or two falls but overall it was ok. Was my first race on my new bike. You will never be able to ride the cement road, Nitida to Aurora and what I think was kliprug or part of it.
  6. You can buy it new for 11k for the 2015 bike if there is still stock.
  7. Sola 1 2015 model go for 11k now if you can find it, good spec great fork. Go for that.
  8. I have a Anthem Advance Carbon, only issue I have is the lack of a rear remote lockout. This became a big issue for me the faster I got because I only have so many fingers I can loose trying to flip the switch down there. A Fox remote shock is 8k and they dont want you to put a Rock Shox in, there is no other solution but to either pay 8k or tie a piece of string to the shock. Camper rear shock might work better because of where the shock is and how you can work it.
  9. OK, I will pause your Garmin for you next week.
  10. This is how the last alone guy at the bar must feel.
  11. Seems like I am fighting this battle alone.
  12. Hallo guys When are we going to start to panic and start to train for this, I am keen on longer rides like we did last year or am I missing the post?
  13. I saw the 2016 bikes at Giant Durbanville and they fixed the top tube on the aluminium bike with a sloped tube and a wider weld where it joins the seatpost,finally. They are also now standard with a through axel at the back.
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