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  1. Believe me it took almost a year to sort out. Many phone calls, Whatsapps and emails. Think it was my post on Momsen Face Book page that made them decided to pay.
  2. Maybe i was just lucky, but TWT / Momsen refunded me in full (purchased price) for a Momsen GP300. Had a problem with the hanger on the frame that could not be fixed. Replaced the hanger a few times with no luck.
  3. Go for the Panaracers. Brilliant tyres. The size depends on your clearance on frame and fork.
  4. Expo? You mean bazaar? Was an expo in the 90's.
  5. Transnet got a new system for getting a harbor entry permit. It is a pain in the r's. All online, needing unnecessary info. After 5 to 7 working days, if you get accepted, you have to go and stand in a queue for hours to get your photo taken. Good luck. Hope your RCYC membership makes it easier? We cycle through the harbor often and never had problems with the trucks. We got harbor access cards.
  6. #hairy will be the one to help you here. I commute to Paarden Eiland from Bloubergrant and luckily don't have to go from P/Eiland to CT (DANGER AREA).
  7. Just saw this post now. There was a motorbike (delivery bike) that hit a car with a trailer. I was commuting home and was first on the accident scene and my bicycle i put down in the middle of the inter section next to the motorbike lying on top of the bike rider while i was attending to him. Did not want to leave my bicycle on the cycle lane or pavement. Hope the motorbike rider recovered, because he was in a bad state.
  8. Space blanket works but a good R-Rated mattress is the answer. A good night sleep is a good day on the bike the next day.
  9. It is a Big Agnes SL 3 man tent. 1.7kg - only problem is the tent poles is a bit long (made for hiking) but fits nice under your handlebar roll.
  10. Buddy of mine made them. Waterproof and strong. Excellent quality. Sure he is watching here?
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