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  1. Mail call! Thanks Wayne. Jeffsy gets an upgrade from 22.5mm to 30mm ID Now the weekend project to build a truing stand, so I don't have to build yet another wheel on the bike frame.
  2. He obviously doesn't cycle.... does he know what a bike cost, and then the maintenance! A bicycle tire costs more then my car tire.
  3. Can also drop me a PM if you don't come right. Should have one from an Elixir CR.
  4. Rapide rims ordered, now for the fun part
  5. Lyne has 15mm rise at R399 in stock. https://www.on-lynecomponents.com/collections/handlebars-stems/products/amp-35-riser-bar
  6. Rapidé cycles if you want a riser. There price is better then most classifieds options
  7. Thanks, needs to be SRAM, as I want to try pair it with a Shimano 10spd derailleur, the pull ratio being very similar. That might work. Will give you a shout if I don't come right with a normal trigger shift.
  8. Any one get some old SRAM 9 speed shifters floating around?
  9. Great service from www.onlinecoffeeshop.co.za Now just to perfect the bottomless portafilter filter shot
  10. Currently not. But hopefully one day again in the future. Both trail builders are lurking around on the forum.
  11. That's awesome! Congrats. What you doing with the Oscar?
  12. Provided that the the limits and B set screws are set up correctly and the drive train is not worn.
  13. If you in CT I'll swap the stuff over for you
  14. I have a derailleur for you to use as parts. Will need to use your jockey wheels, clutch internals and hanger attachment, but body and cage are still good. Drop me a PM
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