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  1. Anyone have real world experience with the stuff? Lots of marketing articles and reviews but not much in the way of actual results on the trail. I'm currently on Enduro Seal and used Stans before that.
  2. There are some services being offered from a mobile van. Though a bit more capital outlay, in my mind a better option and you able to customise your workspace and workflow, and don't need to be in someones personal home space while still offering convenience.
  3. Please do share and maybe a pic or two. I got a nice low giant side mount, but could never find the right stubby bottle where it didn't contact the shock.
  4. What he said... and in New, in the Box, Spearmint condition
  5. Guess I'll just have to buy out all their stock and register as a Bikehub dealer
  6. Just No See it on cars all the time and it gets me raging. Why should I even have to tell them upfront not to. I'll take your free stickers, but it must be my choice to actually stick it on.
  7. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/handlebars/500563/lyne-amp-780mm-mtb-handlebar Lyne bars for R750, they go for R399 new!!! Ok when they were in stock.
  8. Older 6/7/8 speed chains I've had no trouble reusing the pins, on the newer narrow chain I've had less luck and had it split open at the link after a couple rides. After that I stick to master links or quicklinks. Master links have little lips in them to retain the links. You can often see this as a little ring of metal that pulls off when pushing a link out of a chain. So in theory it could work reusing the pins, but probably not worth it for the absolute pain of a chain breaking on a ride.
  9. Shimano changed the cable pull ratios between 9 an 10 speed.
  10. Not true, this is the reference paragraph to the table posted: "Cassette standards differ by number of speeds, i.e. by the number of sprockets on a cassette. Generally: the more speeds (sprockets), the thinner a single sprocket gets and the more densely they are packed (less distance between adjacent sprockets). Distance between the middles of two adjacent sprockets is called “cassette pitch” (different from sprocket pitch, that defines adjacent teeth distance)." https://bike.bikegremlin.com/3573/bicycle-cassette-rear-chainrings-standards/ Whether a derailleur and shifter will work together is dependent on the cable pull ratios http://blog.artscyclery.com/science-behind-the-magic/science-behind-the-magic-drivetrain-compatibility/ Though in the real world some of the combinations listed in the above article not to work, do actualy work just fine.
  11. Just for clarity, that table above refers to the cassette spacing only, so you could mix and match cassette brands between complete group sets. There some reports on the net of people mixing Sram shifter with a Shimano derailleur, this may work, but is not covered by that table though, as this would rely on cable pull ratios instead. Shimano actually uses a very similar pull ratio on the derailleur side across 10 - 11 - 12 speed and I've used a 11spd rear derailleur with a 10spd drive train, which works beautifully. Even used a M7000 12spd rear on and 11spd drive train, but they are designed for 51T cassettes so you can't wind in the B-set enough on a 46T so it is very noisy at the top, shifts fine though. Sorry I don't have a shifter for you. Have a derailleur, but shifter is buggered.
  12. Some nice mods he's got on that machine, also the Silvia steam wand. The older machine does have a couple things they have moved away from with the newer model, if memory serves me correctly the solenoid valve is one thing. I'm very happy with my Classic, but that price is a bit steep, especially second hand, even if it does have a PID. With that money you could pick up a used Simonelli Oscar rather.
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