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  1. Hey Stretch, the town store closed a few years ago.
  2. That end cap has defiantly been sanded down. These are the originals. To my knowledge Roval have never had a hub with threaded end caps. So either it's not an original Roval hub or it's an old hub that is no designed to be TA compatible.
  3. What about adding the Nissan X-Trail to the list?
  4. You were spot on: Aviation: The Group owns and operates a fleet of aircraft for private and charter use, and employs an in-house crew of 10 people. The Aviation Department contracts services from Execujet for aircraft management and maintenance with oversight from Josie van Niekerk (Head of Aviation) and Dean Smith (Chief Pilot). The fleet consists of: Bombardier Challenger 850 – ZS-ZORBombardier Challenger 601 – ZS-SGCHawker Beechcraft Premier 1 – ZS-SRUAgusta 119 Koala – ZS-ZAMBell 430 – ZS-RTZ
  5. Defiantly should get my eyes checked. The missing winglets should have been a dead giveaway the it wasn't a Honda. Impressive sleuth work by the way.
  6. Yip, defiantly a Honda. I tried to find the tail number but to no avail.
  7. I flew out of King Shaka on Thursday night and as we arrived a Maybach was leaving so I took a little walk down the terminal and came across this. I could not make out the tail number but defiantly ZS-.....
  8. Those numbers are tame compared to some of the points the Duzi goes through!
  9. Also take a very small flat screwdriver and slip in between the male pins on both sides of the plug just to split them open ever so slightly more and thus have a tighter connection. This solved my issue after many hours wasting my time redoing the wiring.
  10. I'm also on Bonitas and have been extremely happy. I'm not one to visit the doctor regularly but when a proper job coming off the bike they pay out for all my emergency clavicle repairs of which there have been many.
  11. We fairly regularly get to those speed on the MTB's on one of our loops tar sections. The record stands at 99.8km/h with a slight tail wind Edit: Never seen or heard of tyre issues due to speed.
  12. If your shoes lifespan is halved by getting wet then you need to find another brand or ask for a refund. I know people who put there's in the washing machine and I soak and scrub mine regularly. I even go swimming in them to cool off on a ride and these are defiantly not cheap shoes. Edit: I have never had any issues of know of people who have apart from maybe you very entry level shoes.
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