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  1. I had a similar issue with aluminum windows. see photo. it happened 8 years after installation. All window frames were replaced for free. Poor quality. it is the same with the caliper. The message is that if you buy be careful of Ultegra (at the moment). Not sure of the new 105 or Dura Ace.
  2. If you want, I can post photo of disc (like new). I will know if there is any brake oil leaking.
  3. To repeat, nothing is getting on the caliper or Locknuts. No sweat or corrosive agent (brake oil or cleaning agent) Just poor quality material (locknut) and paint on caliper. Combine this with Cape Town sea air, deadly. As I mentioned in previous post, got Dura Ace from 2009. No indication of any corrosion on any part (bolts, derailleurs or calibers). Much better quality, but you pay for it
  4. I am not saying Shimano is%%%. Ultegra awesome, but it seems that they got issues with quality of "paint". So, if you buy new bike, be aware of this issue.
  5. Have you ever cycle and sweat that you drip on your brake calliper. No ways
  6. No indoor training. Stay in CT, weather great if you ignore the wind
  7. Not sure. I clean my bike regular. Also wipe with product like WD40 on callipers and detailers after every wash to prevent/delay corrosion since I stay in CT. My son got Dura Ace from 2009, still look like brand new, no corrosion
  8. It is the quality combined with CT weather. No hydraulic fluid. Will let it corrode and then look maybe at SRAM to replace. My bike only 7 months old, gets cleaned every weekend
  9. No, this guy does not was his bike. I know. My other friend does not believe on to much water, use dry cloth to clean (same corrosion). I use water and prepsol, been doing that for years, no issue (photo with not much corrosion, bike still new). I believe the quality not good.
  10. I got my road bike in August 2020 with Ultegra group set (R8000). When cleaning the bike I noticed the corrosion on the front brake caliper. Two of my cycling friends also have Ultegra group set (R8000) on their bikes. The bikes were bought in June 2019 and the other bike in April 2020. The corrosion on the front brake calliper is shocking. Attached are photos of the 3 bikes (callipers) Who else have seen this corrosion? Are this the asme for 105 and dura ace? According to the agents the warrantee on corrosion is only 6 months
  11. Got a Fondriest TF2.1. When replacing the BB today, I notice the BB shell Insert in frame on drive side is loose. (spin when trying to tighten BB to specification). Can this be repaired? What will happen if one keep cycling like this?
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