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  1. Used to cramp badly at anything over 70km... only remedy for has been to just keep riding past that point and then beyond the next point.... ie go'ol T.i.t..S ow not cramping at all ... including 150km+ rides
  2. By that logic we should all be riding XT or GX groupsets ... maar dit is nie wat ons doen nie
  3. As I have it recommended procedure is to replace sealant every 3 months fort MTB Not sure about road which uses higher tire pressures and thus might reduce the expiry period (ie need sealant to be less degraded to still plug a hole)
  4. Not worried about PEDs ... as long as they allow the recreational stuff ... Nothing like a bunch of berms and jumps on pilletjies
  5. Where did you score the MAAP kit brother???
  6. Lake shoes are da bomb. Just make sure to use the correct website being lakecyclingsa.com and NOT lakecycling.co.za. It's a long story but in essence the second site belongs to the previous distributor who no longer has the rights. If you want any further info contact Kim who runs Lake locally and provides an awesome service. Her details are on the correct website.
  7. Did 57294 km on my Giant TCR over 11 years. Am seriously starting to run into compatibility problems so am on the look out for a replacement
  8. I tend to think of what to name the ride ... seems simple but I can spend hours on that
  9. Don't ever accuse @Jewbacca of sweet talking Hubbers into participating in the Munga fund raising efforts... 😃
  10. Cyclelab has a limited selection in the 4Ways shop. Not sure about PTA ...google is thou friend
  11. Another vote for Fabric. Recently moved to their Line S model Looks similar to Spez power saddle but for some unknown reason a lot more comfortable for me
  12. I've never seen suspension on a BMX ... is that a thing?
  13. Wind seems to have turned to side to headwind now
  14. Trackers are known to be nogal stadig in waking up at times
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