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  1. Hey BaBearA. The difference is I believe mine was justified. Thought I made that clear haha. Clearly not clear enough.
  2. So as we all know, there is a review system in place. I have now twice been reviewed 1 star recently. The first one was because of what I believed to be a justified 1 star review I left for a hubber. And he then felt the need to review me back with a matching 1 star review. And included in that review was false information trying to justify his 1 star retaliation review. The second was simply for making a offer that ToysRus thought was too low. Is that not abusing the review system? I was not rude or malicious in any way. I have all correspondence with both hubbers which can clearly show that the 1 star reviews I've recieved were out of line. (In my honest opinion anyway) How many others out there have suffered the same unfair abuse of the review system and what can be done to avoid it happening? I'm sure Bikehub have better things to do than to police such happenings. At the end of the day, it is such a pitty. I'm certainly not the first and definitely not the last to experience such unnecessary drama and abuse of the review system.....
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