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  1. Nothing wrong with what you went with in the end. Funny story: I had 1x11 and somewhere somehow I lost a gear (the wheel and bike went to two different places for some maintenance and someone may or may not have pinched it). I thought I had 11 gears and went and did the Baviaans without any issues on my 11 speed cassette, which turned out to only be a 10 . So the moral of the story: you'll be just fine on the 11/46T 10 speed. PS: my cassette had over 5000km on it and I upgraded to a 12 speed directly after the Baviaans so no harm no fowl πŸ‘
  2. I have one that fixes to the down tube if you want to try it out
  3. That's exactly what I told my friend as well. I actually suggested using an aluminum plate on the inside over the break along with some Epoxy 😁
  4. Fantastic, thank you very much. I will gladly take it off your hands.
  5. Does anyone have a busted up right hand side Campag super record STI lever as per the kiekie? My friend broke his last night It doesn't have to be busted up it can be a replacement as well. It's a 10 speed
  6. I think it needs to become the "main set" 😁
  7. If I have a look at the mechanics of hydraulic brakes (I have added a schematic to try and explain my thoughts): On both the caliper as well as lever you have seals. Now if you pull the lever and there's no movement on the caliper then you have a leak at either the lever side or the caliper side. Fluid is pushing over the seals and my money is on the lever side rather than the caliper 2017-2019-guide-rs-and-r-service-manual.pdf
  8. You may need to replace the seals on the levers. I know the seal kits are quite expensive (and stock may still be an issue) but it does sort out the issue.
  9. Annette at cycledelic will be able to help
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