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  1. I can build this up for you 😁. 23" is XXL though
  2. And the attached is not considered as legitimate bugs or valid backlog items? I went through the hassle of typing out all of these bugs along with a video of my findings and this has been captured or logged in your backlog? These fixes has not been resolved and this mail was sent directly after the first mail. Granted, my list of issues mentioned in the screenshot may not be earth shattering or may cause the platform to fall over but it is really really frustrating to me (the user). if my list of items are captured onto the backlog then at least install a Zendesk type system to give me an indication of how long it will take to resolve. Creating a thread for users to list bugs is great but it is a flat sheet where information can easily get lost.
  3. Let me not come from the left wing and "klap everyone from a dizzy height" my gripes and issues with this platform has been mentioned multiple times and I can for the life of me not understand how it can be this difficult to resolve basic coding problems. O wait, I am also in IT and work with devs on a daily basis and know how difficult it is to sort out issues without a proper backlog and or structure. So here's my olive branch again: Adimins / Owners if you need assistance in resolving this crap then reach out. There's a crap ton of folks on here who's in the IT field and who'll be willing to fix the stuff correctly. I am at a point where I am looking to delete my profile because the platform just does has too many lines of bad code that cause it to misbehave.
  4. First off: thank you for the compliment Second: I am a keyboard activist and know very little . (kidding, I have a masters in the art of camouflaging the crap I speak so that it looks like I know what I am talking about ). Ok, left field question: has this painful foot sole started one day out of the blue and perhaps more or less the same time you bought some nicely branded socks by any chance? I don't know what it is but certain sock manufacturers, I can mention quite a few, has the tendency to make my feet feel like they're on fire. During the one race back in the day I had to stop next to the road just to get some relief. To answer your questions: 1) Will the caged pedal (pics attached) provide better foot support to prevent the pain underfoot - nope, it did not help for me, I had that exact same pedal 2) Are the actual shoes packing up - nope, my first pair lasted close to 8 year before I finally threw them away. All the velcro straps tore out the shoe (cheap Olympics) but at that point I only used it on the trainer so did not mind too much. One of my current pairs (first ascent) is also close to 6 years old, possibly older
  5. So what's your cadence to average 42? I can just imagine very high. If it was me, and this is just my opinion: I would increase the ring size upfront but also increase the cassette size at the rear. The reason for the double whammy: bigger gear upfront means harder in the climbing department with slower leg speed. So going for a 46 or 50 at the back will help (I know what you're going to tell me , you're going to tell me that the SRAM is going to give issues to make this change) but alas, this is what I would do
  6. Plesier, my suggestion: right at the bottom and yes a 3 will suffice. Come to think of it wonder if a bigger hole would have a negative effect on the frame / BB. But I tend to remember the older entry level frames had that piece of plastic guide under the BB which used a 3-4mm screw to fasten.
  7. yes, if it is your own bike and you want to extend the life of the components then definitely. PS: the water also enters from the seat post PPS: fun fact, there's a main stream manufacturer that up until as late as 2019 did not include a drainage hole on their 50-80k carbon models, the result: cracks around the pivots like clockwork. I've done quite a few of these suckers in the last year or so and I tell this to the new owner almost as a first point action when he / she takes ownership of their new steed.
  8. I will take it and send it to him, no worries. Thank you very much
  9. Looks to me like they left some of the parts out when they reassembled the wheel. I always find it quite disappointing that not everyone can just do things correctly the first time. I believe that I'll be able to assist with the parts you may need
  10. Readily available at all the local bike shops?
  11. Microspline smicrospline. XD, SmecD. Here's my 2 cents and that is why I am mocking the two above: the moment you go microspline or XD the manufacturer have you on the short and curlies and any future replacement has to be their brand. Keep your freehub the normal HG and go generic it is way cheaper
  12. Campag who? Oooo wait, it's a roadie thing . Why don't they make mtb stuff? It will most definitely add value to their brand
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