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  1. Doing a build will ALWAYS work out more (Yes you could skimp but generally that is not the case) and even using modest parts etc it works out more than if you had just bought a complete bike. BUT, I always find there are loads of things I want to change on a stock bike anyway, even a higher end model so you spend more anyway, but at least you can sell the stock parts to offset the new parts you want... I love a custom build so if you have time and cash to build slowly I think it's the way to go. If you want to get going as soon as then just buy a complete and upgrade as you go.
  2. Wasn't sure if this belonged in the Bikes For Enduro thread or this new Bikes For Trail Riding but decided on putting it here as I already have a bike for Enduro and I actually built this as my Trail and everyday do it all bike. I have not been enjoying peddling the Knolly Warden around as it's too burly for everyday missions... Dartmoor Hornet with 160mm Lyrik and some other decent bits - What can I say, I've missed a hardtail, what an absolute jol ripping this thing around. It's quick, efficient and likes to get rad even when I don't so keeps me on my toes... Or on my face... Haven't ridden the "enduro" bike in a while and haven't missed it to be honest, having too much fun on this thing. Edit: Oh yes, I kept it humble with 2.3 tyres instead of going 2.8" (I have to try that out at some point). Theres definitely a sting in the rear but I'm learning to use my legs a lot more as got so lazy with the full squish...
  3. Like orthopedic shoes for your bike...
  4. That's actually a very good point and would have been a rad addition to the series. A lot of pro sports people have access to and use sports psychologists as it is stressful being at that level with tons of pressure - It's as much a mental as it is a physical game. Some people are obviously more natural and comfortable being at a higher level and engaging with all aspects of being at that level and some need more support from that side.
  5. I agree to a point as it can't be easy to get up to strength, fitness, race pace and have the head to cope with it all especially with the added pressure that you have been given this opportunity to be public put through your paces to get up to pro status... I reckon Adam just has a quiet demeanor and it's part of his personality, nothing wrong with that but what I think is apparent from this is that for sponsors they need someone who is charismatic and brand aware so it's not all about results etc but also about how you are in the public eye, with your sponsors, your team techs and and and... I actually had the same thoughts watching the last episode, he just didn't seem psyched at all on his new gear etc. I think he could have mustered up at least a bit more stoke for what they were showing him and giving him and doing for him. Perhaps he just wasn't the right person to do this series with from an in the public eye perspective. Not that there is anything wrong with him or that he should be pulled apart for what is obviously his personality but from the point of view of the series and it's engagement they could have looked for another privateer (maybe younger) that was just on the cusp and needed the support but that also had the personality to match the racing aspect. Look at Yoann Barelli and the other riders he's been riding with and getting coaching from, they have what a sponsor looks for, stoked, fun, engaging personalities that puts the brand in a good light and then backs it up with being at the top of their game race and ride wise. All in all I really enjoy the series and I have enjoyed watching Adam get taken on the journey but personally I would have preferred to see someone that would be able to carry on after the series and take it to that next level and possibly retain the sponsors he's got help partnering with because they now find him such a great ambassador for the respective brands. I don't think Adam will be that guy. Saying all this I don't know if they expected it to turn into such a well received and followed series so hadn't put as much long term thought into choosing the right Privateer in the first place.
  6. Unfortunately went OTB over final jump and crashed across the finish line breaking his collar bone - Bummer but definitely up to speed and should be back in the mix in a couple of months.
  7. Honzo's arriving at Trailtech in the next few weeks, birthday editions included - Drop them or myself a PM if you want to chat about options.
  8. Nobody mentioning Leatt!? Awesome helmets safety and looks wise. Pricing also fair. The DBX 2.0 can be found for around R1500 and the DBX 3.0 All Mtn for around R2000. 360 turbine technology is their version of MIPS, readily available locally and crash replacement on 3.0 ALL MTN and 2.0 so should def be on your list.
  9. +1 for the OneUp composites - Awesome pedals Also the RF Chester composites are another great option.
  10. Will see what it'll cost but my feel is that it'll be quite a bit more than my frame budget. Thanks man - Realistically though if they only sell it as a complete bike they probably won't just do a favour and supply a frame only but no harm in asking. Ti, would love but again I fear that'll be out of budget. Will contact you though to see what I'll be in for.
  11. Insane Build!! Would love that Marc, sorry you are selling.
  12. Thanks Dude, if it's Rick, then he's the guy I've been dealing with and no dice on frame only unfortunately.
  13. 100% Steve - Also gonna treat myself to an aggressive HT. My Knolly is just way too much bike for general rides and I reckon I'd ride more (Even uphill) if I had something lighter and nimble and a 140mm aggressive HT will suit my needs perfectly. Have most of the build bits already so just deciding on a frame. It was between the Marin San Quentin, Commencal Meta AM HT and Airdrop Bitmap. Marin is out though unfortunately as they don't have a frame only option so I nearly pulled the trigger on the commie last week but then the Airdrop got thrown in the mix and I'm seriously having an internal war. I do love a bit of a boutique brand. I know what the Commie will cost delivered to my door but the Airdrop is a bit of a plus minus situation and already a bit more than the commie. Also the warranty with Commencal will be easier if anything goes wrong as there is local support. Decisions...
  14. Rad, thanks Meezo, gonna check it out.
  15. Daaaaayem that's HOT! Did you import the frame and build it here or did you import the whole bike? I'm looking around for an aggressive hard tail frame and this looks the poodles parts...
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