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  1. Yip, Assos is like Woolies, pay a lot more for fruit than any spar BUT, Woolies is still edable after weeks, spar fruit goes soft after 24 hours
  2. Dude I dont even know what Voler is, but the best value for money bib in the world is Assos
  3. OP, you're 2 heavy for Crests, its gonna be > 20kg adding camel backs ect ect, No problems with the MK3's they just had a bad batch, warranty process is seamless.
  4. Cood luck guys! Loose and rockey out there, be safe
  5. Thats not gonna cure their bad rep in SA cycling i think
  6. Sho man, you just took this thread to another level????
  7. Campy Zondas or spend a little bit more on campy euro’s
  8. Yip, 4th one in 4 years. Ok gotcha ????????
  9. Youre joking????? oMwwww???? Did he make a mistake or is **** hectic out there?
  10. THnx for the feedback man but : " if you just going to have a Jol & finish within an hour or 2 from cut off it should be breeze. " Im not sure if this is going to be possible as your cutt-off is gonna be doubled the winners time, they fly up the hills and those relentless downhills. Im in Pta, would have loved to give it a go beforehand
  11. Thanks man, what do you guys think about the TT, concerned, or not really?
  12. Could you pLz make the TT available if you have it?
  13. Any more hubbers participating?????
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