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  1. Comic Sans: Please don't give medals... I have a number of them I need to chuck in the bin, but want to recycle or something like that. Give a fridge magnet/a bottle opener/an event photo/a leather key chain/anything useful that doesn't just sit in a drawer. But I always have the option of not taking the medal... Enough loo's and water/drink on route, play some music at the waterstops for vibes. And know everyone will complain about something.
  2. What Swellies does have in this regard is a Checkers and Spar, both were recently refurbished and then a new PnP opening by the end of this month. You like cheese and other diary? This is your place, Lactalis and La Mont, etc have you covered. Meat, get to know the people and find out where they source what. The one area I found lacking/expensive was fruit, but The Earth Centre has you covered. Take a trip and ride the trails before you make any moves. Ride the gravel and road as well (great options on both). I'm obviously also biased, but shoot a questions if you have.
  3. I don't think many outdoorsy places in the WC are cheap compared to the Big North. With that being said, Southern Cape towns all offer some sort of riding (mtb and gravel). Swellendam/Greyton/Hermanus/Stanford/George all offer a mix of riding, but have different levels of ammenities. Driving 1.5/2hrs for a Woolies or to get your Landy serviced can be tiring/expensive/time consuming. Talk to the townies and get a feel for what it's like living there. From experience, even trail politics can take place in these lovely places. Also consider the general age of the population and how comfortable you are to make new maats.
  4. Rowl

    The Classics

    Eina, seems like WvA's chances just took a massive knock😟
  5. Tip of the hat to you, and CL. Good luck, hope you get back on a bike soon!
  6. (And can one block/ignore threads on mobile?)
  7. Nino and Sofia would both like to trade-up their partners...
  8. I know of one friend who recently sold to them just because he wasn't lus for the schlep. Cash (and convenience) is king. However, don't call me, I'll call you...
  9. Their standard approach is to offer half from my experience, and rounding down. Wanted to tell them to go jump, but not worth the effort.
  10. For interest sake, does anyone know why Vera and Alexis are not up there? They don't share their Strava rides and I don't have other socials.
  11. Allow me to ask the question, you took delivery of the bike with what we'll call lower spec parts. Did you not inspect and note at that point that the bike is not the same spec as advertised and raise it then? Then the freehub etc has been/will be replaced under warranty? And you received good service from CL? You mention you ride Pta East, has the bike been up to spec? Shifting/braking/etc? My opinion, I wouldn't expect for R8k new to get anything but entry level and if things break, then just happy to get them replaced under warranty. Yes things are not supposed to break, but free of charge replacement addresses that. So your R8k investment is still solid in my mind. But we may feel different about this🙂 FYI many 2nd hand wheel options available: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/c/mountain-bike-wheels?meta_brake_type[is_multi_select]=true&meta_brake_type[value]=29"
  12. Side note: Gerald and co noted earlier they were struggling with image quality, but attending to it... Matt punctured a couple of mins ago, as did Candice.
  13. All in comic sans: What you mean to say is, Okes are upset. And angry. And in a rush. And so on. Just be lekker boet.
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