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  1. Just a pity Marilette the Comm is off to the UK this month for 2 years.....
  2. With Basso admitting all the big boys will go doing!
  3. cyclemania


    Craig is also the only internationaly qualified official.......
  4. David, understand me correctly. You and your team do sterling work for cycling and never doubted your abilities for one second. I have a general opinion but never have and never will question what your have do. So it was not a person attack at you. I just feel that you don?t need my help to get the job done.
  5. Crux in general I am willing to help as much as I can to help cycling but when it comes to Mt Bellairs I refuse to help because he only cares about himself and what he can get out of it.
  6. Oh.... well if it is Mr Bellairs I am not intrested anymore to help. He know enought people to get the sponsor on his own
  7. Well if latrinus have a problem he must just PM me and we can have a chat. I might have a possible sponsor. Well it won't hurt to ask and the possibility is good.
  8. I don't know what happened on the Sat TT. Can someone please fill us in?
  9. Greg is the man. He believed in being friendly to all the fans. He was a great rider.
  10. Jan is starting at 7:30. There are lost of issues between Lemond and Lance. Lemond had a deal for his own bike brand and then Lance screwed him over with Trek and Lemond nearly lost everything. Don't know all the detail. There were court cases a year or so back and I think Lemond won the case.
  11. Last year I worked in our Giro will the Uci Comm. Jack Watson and his sentiment on the pro tour was that is a waste of time and money. Riders are forced to race more than ever and that also opens the door for doping. More racing? bigger demands. Smaller events are disappearing because bigger team cannot ride them due to a full pro tour calendar. Personally I think the pro tour is just there way to make money for doing nothing out of ASO and the others. Pro tour should go??.
  12. Crux and widget is correct. Lots of smaller races also want to see the Pro Tour go. In the past they had big riders riding in smaller events but with the ProTour the just cannot becuase of the jam packed calender as it is now. The smaller teams also don't get to races with larger teams that much.
  13. Well said pedal..... but I have to say that it is not always smooth sailing up north.
  14. CSA is responsible for the day to day running of cycling (events, sponsors and and?.) NCOB is responsible for the nominating of officials to ensure the event on the day keep to the CSA/UCI rules.
  15. Francois is correct with regards to the 10% being paid to CSA and not the officials. Grapkas, the reason why you see the same faces race in and race out is that there are a lack of officials. That means that the official?s body has to use whoever is available. The lack of ?young? officials is part of the problem but there are major power struggles with in CSA/official ranks and that at times. At times being worked silly at racing is not a reason to be rude to the riders but the riders must also remember that the officials are there before most of the riders arrive and only go home after prize giving. This means that the officials are still at the event while some riders are already at home enjoying a beer. Grapkas I suggest you write a formal letter via your sponsor/club to your province or directly to the official?s body. So that can formally address the issue. You will have to name names in the letter so that the issue can be taken up with the relevant person.
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