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  1. No. Eddy Merckx is the greatest cyclist. Compare their records and lance pales into insignificance besides Eddy Merckx.
  2. Hi. Anyone in Wellington? Been here for close on 2 years now.
  3. As much as i am a Springsteen fan, i think the Franky Goes to Hollywood cover of "Born to Run" is way better than the original.
  4. Long Beach Brewery in Noordhoek make a very tasty Porter.....
  5. My 2c. Had a similar experience a few years. 3 taxis on the wrong side of the road and I lost it and threw a water bottle at one taxi, cracked his windscreen. Chased us down, klapped us silly, stomped on my head etc. Almost took our bikes. End result - hospital visit for some stitches for me, broken nose for my friend. Never ever worth getting that upset - could mean losing your life.
  6. Random Acts of Kindness..... Well done to all involved.
  7. Is one allowed to use Harley Davidson and motorcycle in the same sentence?
  8. And that is why the amount found is of no relevance at all. Having said that, Contadors story about the dodgy steak COULD be true.
  9. If he was that sick that he needed prednisolone to get on the bike, should he have been riding at all??
  10. Exactly although there was a situation where a German varsity tested a group of tourists that had been on holiday in China and some of them tested positive for clenbuterol.Farmers feed it to their animals even though it is illegal to do so.
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