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  1. Will send you a PM with my details give me a call
  2. Cotic sizing is on the larger size so check first, I ride a 17" MTB normally which on a Simple or Solaris equates to a small
  3. Thats the way; dont overthink it, some of my best bikepacking was on a 1988 Schwinn High Sierra 26 MTB with bits and pieces made/scrounged from elsewhere. Just get out and ride
  4. Well done on securing the X, out of interest I built an Escapade and an X at the same time, albeit a Gen 1 Escapade. But I ended up selling the Escapade because the X rides better. Enjoy yours and see you on the trails and groads sometime
  5. Just make sure whether you need symetrical or assymetrical bolt pattern on that crank, there were two. Rapide can help with the latter but CSIXX for the former
  6. Do a fair bit of gravel riding in Magaliesburg; roads in some places are heavily rutted and full of rocks, GK SK+ 48mm 650B smooths out most of the rougher stuff. Look at going Carbon bar to take out the high frequency vibrations as well, match that with some thick bar tape and you should be golden
  7. I think the Bfe would have be a better back to back test on the Dartmore, but best to ride what you have! 26aintdead and a Soul still one of the best
  8. If weight penalty is less important than comfort, one word - Brooks Cambium great on MTB or the old faithful B17
  9. Nothing wrong with Merida, most Taiwanese manufacturers do multiple brands out of same factory.
  10. Interesting comment on Mavic; having ridden, raced, toured and crashed most of both their road and MTB range over the years; my experience is that they give a lot less problems than some of the other premier brands. Yet again I believe this is the cycling industry and stores being their own worst enemy. Store A punts Zipp, Store B punts Chris King etc and loyal customers treat opinions as gospel. I am sure there are many Hubbers who will never buy VW. Toyota. BMW etc for some similar reason
  11. I had one off a tandem I raced a while back and it was quite a mission finding another. Linden Cycles hooked me up with the other but make sure you get the one with the hole that the cable goes through the wheel the newer one doesn't work
  12. Built a few over the years: Bridgestone MB3 with 700c Conversion Momsen STR 1x10 But my favorite is this one which I currently ride; its a bit like an old Landy Defender (without the oil leak) 1992 Trek 830 CroMo Frame found in a dumpster at local LBS Arbitrary steel fork from another bike shop Race Face Prodigy 34T XTR Brakes with Travel Agents to work with STI XTR Wheel set 105 9 sp STI LX RD Vredestein T/L Rapide Frontier 440 bars Rapide Saddle Genuine go anywhere ability and a great touring bike.
  13. Probably about 300 with two armed drones in the air! Ah sorry you can't shoot criminals in SA anymore they have more rights than victims. Zero consequence for these actions equals lawless society
  14. I will post some pics, does that get me in Simon?
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