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  1. Mtb-Bfk, there was nothing fair and honest about your commentary! Many hundreds of people offered their feedback in a civil and constructive manner. Yours was insulting and slanderous. In this instance you are actually wrong. Face it!
  2. Do you know the person who organised this race? On what do you base your statement that his motives are "so far from giving a 5#it, and it really all seems to be about the cash"? I think you should apologise to him!
  3. Bud, a dropper post will change your riding life. Just do it! Now! Depends how much you want to spend. In my opinion the best brand is KS Lev. I have bought four of them and have not had one minutes problems. A bit pricey but worth every penny. Contact jason at International trade.
  4. Allround an awsome event! I cannot wait for next year! This is going to become Big! Well done to the organisers.
  5. Awsome event. Yes things can be improved but allround a blast!
  6. Is this not the first bike hijack in Johannesburg for quite a while?
  7. Posted by Steve Gale on Critical Mass Johannesburg today Just a note, a friend and I (both males) were bike jacked on the melville mtb trail by 3 men this afternoon. Be aware and on the lookout if up there in a small group, they were very agressive.
  8. MCT oil is perfect (Medium chain triglyciride) I start every day with 2 or 3 tablespoons clean. Google MCT oil.
  9. LCHF Pancakes (crepes) - better and easier than regular pancakes. Two eggs, two oz of smooth cream cheese. Beat in food processor to smooth consistecy. Bake like a regular pancake with a little butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and Xyletol (or any other filling), roll and eat. Best pancake ever and faster than ouma's recipe.
  10. Hey Bud, Next time try Riaan at Tribe on Main (cor Posthouse & Main, Bryanston). Best customer service and MTB service in town. PM me for tel no.
  11. Francois, as an optician, can one get them done through you?
  12. What do I want from an LBS? Great service! After using "the best mechanic in Gauteng" for some time (yes you will probably all recognize his name) I became progressively unhappy with his arrogant, slack service, broken promises and, yes, shoddy workmanship. Despite spending more than 50k with him in the past year he treated me like he was doing me a favour! So, somebody suggested I try Tribe on Main in Bryanston, which I did. Well What an awesome experience! Mechanic Riaan treated me like his most valued client. He phoned me several times to discuss what needed to be done, and then he did it. First time right. In the process he fixed up behind my famous former mechanic. Speak of the extra mile! I took a full rebuild service and my bike is as new. It all took only two days and he busted a gut to accommodate my short timeline. And the price was great. Rave for Riaan at Tribe on Main!
  13. Speak to Riaan at Tribe on Main. He has an excellent alu welding contact. Btw, great mtb service at Tribe.
  14. Has anybody done the Sandspruit Trail from near Corlett Drive to Grayston Drive, more or less parallel to the M1 North? Looks good on Google Maps but may be dodgy safety wise.
  15. In Johannesburg your man is SLiiick. Best skills trainer in town!
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