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  1. just implemented GPX upload and of course I had to go pull in MVDP’s insane SB effort! Even for him that was a monster ride. Look how many times his HR was close to his max and his W’bal chart. He is running a massive deficit for the last 1h30. And you can see where he almost popped with approx 1h to race.
  2. The Strava rate limit is global and not per-user. They used to grant increases based on (among other things) how many users your app had. For probably at least the last year they haven’t been giving any increases at all, first ignoring the mail and then an automated message saying “no rate limit bumps”. I think they have decided that Strava apps don’t fit into their strategy and not granting any rate limit increases is a way to kill them without a lot of bad publicity (e.g. if they killed the API).
  3. You can register on Intervals.icu without a Strava or Garmin account.
  4. Yes you can. You can sync with Garmin Connect or manually upload .fit files.
  5. Share plans and workouts with groups Create groups for your riding buddies, team or club. Drag and drop folders and plans from your library to share with the group. Anyone in the group will be able to drag the folders, plans and individual workouts into their own library for use! https://forum.intervals.icu/t/share-training-plans-and-workouts-with-groups/3308
  6. Vetplant has it about right. Is how much energy you can expend above FTP. You can get an estimate from the /power page (tick say the 90d box). It isn't applied to rides automatically yet. If you fill it in and turn on the W'bal chart you can see it go close to zero if you do a flat out effort. It recovers when you spend time under FTP, quicker the lower the power. If you get below zero then maybe your FTP has gone up or your W' is higher than you think. This is very similar to MPA in Xert. Technically it is meant to be above CP (critical power) but Intervals.icu computes it relative to FTP when using the eFTP power model since that what most people use.
  7. The activity list view in Intervals.icu now has 70 selectable columns, filtering, clickable headers for sorting and bulk edit operations to help manage your activities.
  8. Thanks! There is. If you go to the /settings page you can subscribe. It will also bug you to do so once a week or so but you don't have to.
  9. You should rather use your old account and just set a password. Did you "revoke access" from Strava on the old a/c?
  10. I fixed a bug just now that caused problems editing things immediately after logging in. Is it still broken? Please post a link to one of your Intervals.icu activities so I can find your a/c and have a look. Tx.
  11. I have "starting fitness" on the todo list. I haven't done it yet because most people have enough history so its not really an issue. And even starting from scratch with no history after 90 days or so it doesn't make a big difference.
  12. Intervals.icu now shows your FTP increases and best power achievements under the fitness chart https://forum.intervals.icu/t/track-the-best-efforts-along-with-the-fitness-curve/1794/3
  13. I don't see that on that activity? The avg for the whole ride is 50/50. If you zoom in on a part where you aren't pedalling you can see breaks in the LR balance line. Those are the bits with missing data because you weren't pedalling presumably.
  14. Tx. You can also drag the edges of intervals directly on the graph and press 'A' to add a new interval at the marker position.
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