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  1. Yep, don't spend as much time as I used to now that Tapatalk is gone.
  2. @sawystertrancewhat is your forum name on the Wild Dog forum?
  3. You meet the nicest people on motorcycles. But the really nicest ones ride Harley's 🤗🤣🤣
  4. Picture of the bike with the screen on. Looking for ideas for my son in laws bike. I have the detachable screen that mounts on the front shocks. Apparently that looks like a Swot shield and not what he is looking for 🤣
  5. If this thread gets closed down that would be tragic. As it is, I don't come to the Hub much of late due to no Tapatalk.
  6. Same size as positive from what I can see
  7. My negative terminal would keep loosening itself. Only the negative one. Googled it and it's rather common. Blue loctite sorted it out.
  8. My Wide Glide manual has a hot and a cold check. Both ways the bike is on the side stand. I always check it cold because the dipstick plug sits on the bend of the V&H Big Radius exhaust and it gets flippen hot in that area
  9. @Hairy https://www.fuelmotousa.com/p-29661-harley-trouble-codes.html Not sure if you used this website as a reference for the error codes?
  10. Filtering is even better when loadshedding causes traffic chaos with robots not working. Makes it such a breeze and always puts a huge smile on my face.
  11. I have a quick detachable screen. Only use it when I hit the open road. Bike looks better without it. Town riding is fine without a screen.
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