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  1. Or using an unbalanced cup brush on an angle grinder, as I discovered yesterday. It felt like my whole body was vibrating when I turned it off again.
  2. I'm also running the Zee 1x10 setup (after a ton of trial and error with the RD getting the tension right!) and, like you, have had no problems with the ratio. I'm running 34-11 on the back and 34 on the front and have yet to use the big sprocket for anything but lazy peddling through grass, I think. As you say, though, not the biggest hills around here but I imagine if the going gets tough you just need to get your bum out the seat. I start to spin out a little on some downhill sections, though, which makes me think a 36 up front could be more suitable. I can't say enough good things about that RaceFace NW chainring. Between the three people I know who are running one, not a single chain drop through Enduros, jumps and heavy bails.
  3. Quite possibly, I'll watch it closely but it's hopefully a temporary fix until I can get the half link and find the right ratios to keep the chain tension.
  4. There's a reason an XC bike looks like this: And a dirt jumper looks like this: They're perfectly tailored to their purpose. A dropper post essentially gives you a chance to switch to either one on the fly, expanding what you can do with the bike. Even an SSR can benefit (if your purpose with the bike isn't minimalism). It's not a matter of skill set, I don't think anyone would feel comfortable table-topping a jump or trying to huck a rock garden with the seat all the way up.
  5. Honestly worth it. I'm a total co-ord and after one session under Peach's guidance I was having loads of fun on the bike. It's just really basic stuff that, once explained and demonstrated, suddenly gives you tons of confidence on your ride. Everything he taught me applies to my usual bike as well.
  6. Me. You teaching me to bunny hop, track stand and manual in one lesson was pretty impressive tutoring. Should take just three sessions on the trials bike to turn me into Danny Mac then.
  7. Yup, it's almost powdered homeopathy, useful to about 5% of it's user base: those guys who are seriously depleting their reserves with very little time to solve it through just diet.
  8. Just a thought; ADT have installed CCTV cameras along a couple roads in Linden. If they headed out towards Cresta or Newlands from Blaigowrie you may be able to pick them up on one of the cameras. They wouldn't have been able to stuff the bikes in anything less than a bakkie, I would think. It's a long shot but it may be worth a look.
  9. I had to make a plan to deal with my slipping chain while I wait for my half link to arrive so I did a quick hack job with some bits from the hardware store. It kind of suits my SIngle Speed Semi-Rigid beater. I might keep it.
  10. Geez, sorry man, that's a hell of a loss, especially when it's a customised bike like that. I'll keep an eye out when I'm commuting through Greenside and surrounds.
  11. Quite a dilemma. Get your possessions back or confess to owning a saddle bag…
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