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  1. $2000 just for the fork. Pricing on bikes are just getting more and more insane. I saw the new Cannondale F-Si HARDTAIL pricing at R140k. That means the New Scalpel will be R160k+ Really??
  2. Thanks IceCreamMan. Surprisingly enough the wheels were booked up so quickly for 70.3 and IM this year. 2 weeks before Sold out. So for 2015, the bookings will go as quick as the entries. will bring in more versatile sets next year due to windy conditions.
  3. Getting some nice FATBIKE wheels just for you!!! can't have my competition go faster than me...
  4. Garfield. This is one of the priorities for HED Cycling SA to see if Paul W will include us as an official Race Day wheel Support for 2015. My idea is to have a few Scooters with Wheel Racks on the back and spare wheels. If they do agree to this for 2015, a rider will have support and we will collect the wheel upon bike check out and give back your own wheel. So the more support i get on this from the athletes, the stronger the case will be for me to come to some agreement with them.
  5. So with only a few weeks left before the big day, bookings for Raceday wheel rentals are filling up. Most of the wheels were rented out in the week leading up to 70.3 last month. So best you book your wheels early to ensure you get the combo you want. Rentals Starting from R1299.00 This includes: Continetal GP4000 S tyres and tubes (or similar) SRAM / Shimano Cassette 11-25 ratio (limited availability) Double Padded Wheel Bag Ti Skewers Velve Stenders Excluded: Postage (door to door delivery and return) Drop off point next day after Ironman - to be arranged. We offer 3 options of postage Next day 11am; Next day 5pm, Economy 48-72hr Visit the website to see the various combination and prevent disappointment. www.hedcyclingsa.co.za
  6. Still need to add the tubbies. ordered Tufo tubbies at 160gr each. so total weight of the bike will be 6,09kg
  7. HAHA, Too true too true... Guess the festive spirit is still running/cycling high...
  8. Fabes: Let me know, stock already running low. So seems this could be a good price point.
  9. R999 Launch Special. How does that price sit with you guys?
  10. My advise is go for the Specialized Roubaix tire 23/25 (= 23 running tread with 25 side walls) Bomb proof, absorbs road shock really well, great rolling resistance an corners like a husband caught in the act. Did the Satelite Classic on them with normal wheelset and avg 38km/h most of the way. If you want fast.... Get bigger legs. If you want durable and comfy go with these. Best of all... The are really well priced
  11. HAHA, Stalking is when two people go for a long romantic walk together but only one of them knows about it.
  12. Hi JGR As mentioned, i like to engage with any and everyone who may have questions. through threads like this it gives me a chance to understand the concerns, issues and questions people may have. You ask questions that some won't. So thanks for that. We all learn through this Q&A. All this seems to make the Thread a "Hot" topic. so thanks. more exposure for me HAHA. PS! you should try a H3Deep rear / H3 front on that Trek of yours one day. Awesome combo.
  13. Hi Shebeen Thanks for the note. Yes, that would be the idea. once the wheels are 1 year old, we will then put them out into the market for sale at a lower / used cost. so we can replace the current range with the newest models. We will also then be able to honour the warranty as we know where they have been. We will also offer customers the option to buy a set of wheels they rode at a race. if they liken, they can keep em and we will knock off a little on the price + give them the actual rental cost as a further discount. Cheers
  14. Agreed on this point but also think that it is a very small percentage given the sponsorship involved at those levels. Lets say we have 8 athletes per age group going to worlds. in SA as a "National Athlete representing RSA" you pay for your tracksuit and everything else. I can assure you (from first hand experience) there is little to ZERO sponsorship for our Age Group athletes in SA. Richard Murray (ranked nr 5 in the world in 2013) spent many years trying to get to that level - on his own account with very little sponsorship.
  15. Thanks JGR Ok, won't repost all that stuff. Just some highlights: I don't think we are gonna get into a debate about cars and costs and brands. HED wheels are more expensive than others. and each to his own. i won't diss products from the east, but you don't see them on pro tour teams, wonder why. So i guess it goes back to reputation built up over the years. Reliability and reputability. To break even on a new set of R25k wheels @ R1500 per rental (4 day) = 16.6666... rentals. So for the guy only doing 5 races a year = 3 years + before breaking even. The cost op courier is included door to door.
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