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  1. The do it in my area in Hilton KZN. They go by the name of Street Hawks. Google Street Hawks Hilton will give a little info
  2. did your Efiling transmit correctly? I had that one year and took it the following year to a tax friend of mine, only to find I hadn't transmitted it properly the previous year . Got back two years worth at once
  3. waiting to get some back. should be next week
  4. spending just about more on the packaging than what the product is worth
  5. for half a bar tell them to come to SA on holiday and take it out themselves.
  6. Mousea


    They are more than likely lending it on at 25% plus
  7. Have Gems, Pumpkin and butternut pushing through. And the chili plant is flowering like crazy having survived a not to frosty winter. Stunning time of the year. Now for some rain please
  8. I tried patches years ago and the didnt work for me. I then did the pills (Champex) stopped in 6 days from 25 plus smokes a day. and its been over 6 years I think smoke free. I dont even think about it anymore. My friends still smoke but it doesnt bother me in the least
  9. but need to try and find a new plant
  10. My Habenero didnt survive the winter
  11. The new company he moved to will not be allowed to let his sell until February 2020. The court ruled in his old Companys Favour. A bit of a BS thing as far as Im concerned
  12. I good friend of mine has had ROT enforced against him and is unable to work in the Motor trade Sales for one year. It is a hell of an expensive way to move companies cost him 200k plus trying to fight it.
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