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  1. Managed to cross something off of the challenge/bucket list this morning; Riding Suikerbosrand on a singlespeed. 34x20 worked well on the climbs, but seeing as I spun out at 25kph it meant the flats and mild downs were pretty slow in comparison to normal and meant I couldn't gather some momentum to coast over rollers. The wheels did proverbially come off on the last big climb, where the beautiful morning turned to sweltering heat and a small tailwind which made it feel like riding in an air fryer. Didn't have to dab, even though I was proper grinding by then. Always fun!
  2. Still working on the prompts, but AI seems to be getting closer to solving your packing conundrum.... 😄 EDIT: We're getting closer!
  3. Man, this is ******* awesome! And proof that if you're a lekker dude the universe will have lekker things happen to you. Very, very jelly @Jewbacca, but also super excited to dot watch you next December! Please keep us updated on the bike, this abomination will be something magical.
  4. Out of interest, what does this weigh in this configuration? Vintage bike conversions seem like a hoot.
  5. That's the thing. If you're overtaking someone, even if you're at 190BPM and redlining, you have to compose yourself and give a very gentle and upbeat "good morning!" as if you're just out for a leisurely cruise.
  6. Psssssht, right brake is the front, moto-style. And yes, when a buddy wants to try rigid singlespeeding I want to sprinkle the added brain-screw of having wrong-way-round brakes into the mix too. I'm sadistic like that. (Actually, in truth, I swapped these brakes from another bike, lines were a little short, so instead of wanting to shell out for new hoses and bleeding I just swapped the lines. I'm also stingy like that.)
  7. Also ride alone the vast majority of the time. I like riding with people and riding alone for different reasons, riding with others just doesn't work out most of the time. I already work too many hours so I limit my riding in my family's waking hours. As such I'm always out of the door very early (also for quieter roads). Groups I could ride with start later, and oftentimes stop for coffee or a beer mid-ride on weekends, which seems like a waste, so end up riding alone. My morning routine also dictates that I need to be in the shower by 0530 or the whole system at home doesn't work. Most groups plan rides that only finish after that, so I often peel off mid-route and ride back alone. I try to be very conscientious about where and when I ride, stay alert and up to date on current hotspots. I also see no point in resistance so my bike is insured and I'll happily let it go. Hell, I'll adjust the saddle height for them before they ride away.
  8. I don't think it's a lack of entries, I think it's a cashflow issue (based on zero knowledge, purely an assumption). Lots of people get bonus in December and March, I'm guessing the majority of entries happen then. Might just be an incentive to get the entry numbers up ahead of time and have some cash to work with? Judging by the WhatsApp group, and how many people already entered for 2024 based on the special, I think this is one of those that has a substantial percentage of repeat riders and not a whole bunch of new faces every year.
  9. For shizzle. I striggled to justify paying triple the price vs. just standard bar ends mounted inboard, but these are in another league. Should be standard equipment on a flat bar bike.
  10. I see the 2024 entries are on special until Dec 31st 2023. R20k (a pittance by comparison) gets you on the start line boys and girls!
  11. Tested out the limits of 34x15 today, tackling my tried and tested urban climbing loop. I was proper 30rpm grinding some sections (granted, some pitches were ~15%), but didn't have to engage third gear. Came away with a few PRs too, which was a nice surprise. This bike is crazy fun!
  12. Rim brakes, gross.... And yes, I'm just stirring *** now. That hip angle of the front guys is making my stomach hurt. Back to the dot watching. Marnus Nothnagel is starting to get close and closer to the cut off marker. See he's arrived at WP3 now Let's go boytjie, no time for dawdling! I can however relate to arriving close to last place at a WP, checking the tracker, and seeing that the winner has travelled double your distance (or in my case at the Grit, finished already). Strangely not demotivating, but rather awe-inspiring. @gemmerbal also needs to watch his time. He's a third done, but there's not a lot of margin.
  13. Good idea, maybe for the purpose of the thread we should be identifying ourselves with our pedigree. Maybe that chills everyone the **** out. 2-time Grit Cradle finisher, but I identify as a Full Munga finisher.
  14. Why is the Hub so blerrie aggressive these days? Every thread turns into some disagreement (hell, the last couple of posts is the third just in this thread)... Just, be lekker. We're watching dots on a screen that represent people spending second-hand-car money to ride their bicycles (that cost new-car-money) through the desert in December for zero benefit outside of bragging rights and personal fulfilment... None of this makes sense or should be taken so seriously.
  15. How is that even possible. I come back from a solo 27kph/1hr road ride on my mountain bike and I've done a solid Z3 training session. How in the name of all things holy has he averaged that over 650km?!? Conditions being advantageous or not, that's a mind-bending pace. Out of interest, is the record time an actual recording of Ramses' traverse along the route, or just an average speed assumption based on his finishing time (similar to the cutoff marker)? If it's the former, Drikus is killing it. @Carlog also going well, only 1hr stopped so far and at ~430km. Strong riding!
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