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  1. So that isn't the base model civic in your driveway?
  2. Soooooo, the podium were all TDF finishers and 2 of them were on the TDF podium and the other won the last 2 stages. Who was the highest finisher that left TDF early to prepare?
  3. Hope all the athletes are enjoying the anti-sex cardboard beds🤣.
  4. I saw that. Good for him. You won't see Lewis doing that and it's mos his home race. Class is permanent, Seb is class.
  5. The memes and videos doing the rounds are hilarious. I have seen some videos from the movie cars where they have changed the names to Max, Dewis etc and its on point. On instagram I follow a page called F1 troll, they taking Dewis to pieces over this.
  6. Just read part 1 and I'm hooked. Thanks @Sam81 , keep them coming.
  7. Sooooooo if Wout wins or does well, then what excuse do all these okes have for pulling out the tour early? I will be rooting for Wout in both disciplines and I think he will most certainly be the marked man, He will need to ride the RR very smart.
  8. My blood is still boiling after yesterday so I will sit on my fingers but I must say I have never sworn at that person so much in my life. @IceCreamMan WOW man that must have been so cool. Thanks for all the pics. Glad you had decent weather.
  9. I had a loooong message typed out but decided to delete most of it as it's not really aviation thread related. Thanks Guys, really appreciate it. So after our twins were born in 2018, my wife and I decided it's best she stops working to look after the 3 kids. Whilst we had to cut on certain "lekker" things we still lived comfortably on just my salary(I also have 3 rental properties as an extra income). The intention was for her to stay off work until the kids started primary school(twins will start Gr1 in 2025) and then get something small to keep herself busy. But that had to be moved forward to now. So she is working again which at the moment is making up the shortfall from my vastly reduced salary here. Then that allowed me to start taking all my leave and look into other ideas. My Dad retired from here(SAAT) in August 2018 and he has plenty work/jobs at his house that he is prepared to pay me to help with. Between him, my boet and myself we have about 10 unfinished car projects. We going to basically each keep one car and flog the rest but with that does come some work and fortunately some of the stuff has already paid some income and there is interest in some of the other stuff, especially the V8 parts. Then my uncle owns a E-Waste recycling company operating out of Ballito and he is wanting to get a branch up and running here in Joburg. I am going to probably take a small roll there with him dealing with the clients up here as he doesn't want to fly up here all the time himself or fly one of his current Durban employees up here. It's not 8 hours a day for 5 days a week worth of work so it will allow me to basically do multiple things at once and have some flexibility with the kids if my wife is busy. I have a lot to be grateful for from SAAT, my Dad started here in 1977 after spending 2 years in the army. 42 years later he retired at 63, They were good to him. I started here as a contractor in August 2007 then in April 2008 I got a permanent contract and I can without even giving a seconds thought say that I was treated well. I have no regrets about applying for and getting a job at SAAT. I learnt a lot and enjoyed my time here. If you want to chat more about the goings on here inside SAAT, DM me and we can exchange phone numbers and chat on whatsapp(for those of you that aren't already doing that) as I don't want to leave too much out here on a public forum.
  10. Nah don't worry but thanks. I am done with all the politics and nonsense. I have made other plans and am excited to go towards new ventures.
  11. I have about 7 working days left here. 27th should be my last working day. Clearing out and all the paperwork that goes with it will take a few days but officially the 27th will be my last day. I have unfortunately had enough and have decided I want out. I am in the minority though for obvious reasons so there are a lot of people who don't want to go and will be forced to go in the very near future but I am opting to go. I can buy a top of the range S-WORKS with the back pay they owe from all the reduced/zero pay months we have had in the last 15 months so financially it's not wise for me to stay. This month will be 0 pay again as Comair are not flying and Mango didn't pay their employees last month so they have no money to pay our fees so the company(SAAT) has no income at all this month as SAA still isn't flying. I have 13 years service here and I have all the licenses for the components in my section so I am fairly high up on the salary grade but the package is still not great(1 week for every year, no sweetener, 1 month notice pay). Before tax I get just short of R400k. Interesting about Lufthansa, those things are heavy on fuel. They can buy spares from us, we still got 6 here with extra engines. I remember seeing one of those 600s with all economy pax here once, it's A LOT of seats. The galleys and toilets were down in the cargo hold so it was literally seats from front to back.
  12. O and I am not a fan of the wheel covers, I do like the bigger wheel though.
  13. Quali Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it at 19h00 or 20h00 our time? I am having a debate with a buddy around track time and daylight saving there at the moment. I haven't had a chance to check what time DSTV have it yet.
  14. The rear wing looks weird and those hug shark fin fences on the front wing look dangerous but that shiny back of a CD colour scheme looks pretty cool. I would like to see one of the current cars next to the new one just to get an idea of the size. Giving me dimensions means nothing, I want to see it.
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