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  1. Good stuff. I have some competition.
  2. If you feel someone pushing you up malibongwe at 947,they actually trying to steal your bike.
  3. Anyone know what happened at sea point? Saw plenty cops and cop cars and those massive riot truck things. Did see a few people standing around with protest boards but nothing to warrant the amount of cops. I rode passed like an hour ago.
  4. I decided to wait a bit and went out not long ago, just got back. A bit cloudy at times but luckily not really windy. Also a bit chilly. All in all nice weather to ride.
  5. 1 more sleep. Whoop whoop. Going for a short ride just now, I see it's cloudy again, hope it clears because I got wet yesterday so didn't have a proper ride.
  6. All depends on what you've done up till now and what your goal is on the training side. Eating, just eat a healthy balanced diet, which is what we should all do year round.
  7. Definitely won't be chowing the pies, don't drink at all and about 4 to 5 kgs from race weight. Whoohoo, muscle memory pappie.
  8. I haven't trained enough to warrant a taper πŸ˜”. Praying for muscle memory πŸ˜‚.
  9. So unnecessary. RIP. Condolences to his family and friends.
  10. Johann, doesn't own a helmut and wears those tiny shorts and ankle socks. Used to have an old vitus but it got removed from him a few years back near that open field just down from nissan/ford/renault along with a stick to his head, shame he had stitches and everything. There is a driving school there as well. Now he has a titan 29er. Take a wild guess how old he is? and then add on a good few years. Then go and try pick up something heavy, struggle and go ask him. He works for our facilities department, they all contractors, that's how he is still able to be working. He works harder than just about anyone still there and my word he's like an energizer bunny.
  11. All I take from this is I now know how to spell adieux.
  12. I really do wish them and technical all the best of luck and I really do hope for the sakes of my ex colleagues and friends that all the issues are in the past but I really am glad I got out.
  13. They fly either the B777 or A350 here. Both those planes have MASSIVE engines. The B777 was the first twin to go for those ginormous GE90, it has a very distinct sound when ignition takes place during start, we call it the mating call of the GE90.
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