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  1. I only land at 13h00ish on Friday.......
  2. Problem with that is that during a race you don't want all these extra layers unless you know it's going to be cold the whole race. My last 2 races here in jnb have been very similar start Temps and the finish Temps were low 20s and I decided to race with no extra layers and the start line felt like the arctic. Only way to warm up is attack from the gun..... 😉 I'm hoping to finish the CTCT before 09h30, hope it's not too cold.
  3. Guys, I will be staying at the protea hotel at the waterfront. Any chilled rides taking place on Saturday the 9th from close to the? Would be keen to meet some of you.
  4. There is only one legend that can race in wet on slicks(and only 2 of them as well) and that is BB33. Brad's slick win also came back to me when Lando told his pit wall to shut up.
  5. Nee flip man. I love to ride my bike but that doesn't sound like fun to me.
  6. So I finally joined the smart trainer family with a kickr core a few weeks ago. I was told I get 6 months free sufferfest, then when registering, I saw somewhere on the site it said 2 months. Then once registered it tunes me 14 days. So I'm like 14 odd days in and sufferfest has done nothing for me but send a few mails with a bunch of rubbish in it but as far as a program or anything worth using, nothing. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Did anyone manage to get the free 6 month sufferfest? Is it worth pursuing it or should I just look into another app? Either way, I'll need to get one of the apps going forward. Advice on which one please.......
  7. Flights, car hire and accommodation all booked and paid for this week. Just bike transport left. Any suggestions? Joggies says sold out for single bikes, no info on tandems although I assume it's sold out regardless of the bike. I emailed them last week but they haven't responded. A ride for my bike doesn't have enough so isn't going. Any other options?
  8. Help us on the climbs and we will help you everywhere else. It is definitely a sub 3 group, provided the weather is good. Luckily it's still one of the groups where there will be plenty guys willing to work.
  9. 1B. I had been holding back on pulling the trigger in flights, accommodation etc. Think now I'll book it all. Can't wait. Everybody say hooplah.
  10. I'll jump through what ever covid hoop they ask me to in order to race. I've had 3 races in the last few months cancelled/postponed, hopefully racing next weekend but I miss racing. I'm fully 5g compliant, sorry I mean fully vaccinated, so is my toppie. He's just bought us each a lekker new wahoo kickr so im all in. We will wait till the announcement next week before pulling the trigger on flights and accommodation. If it is cancelled, I'll be upset but not because my entry fee will go to a good charity but because I miss the race.
  11. Happy for Bottas, Doowis and Totti treated him like dirt.
  12. But you would take the long way around and rack up serious miles on the bike 🤣, conveniently you could drop it off at my brother in laws place. Maybe get him to ride with you, he told me this weekend he might be doing the race.
  13. LOL exact same boat. Have flights, accommodation and car hire all selected, just need to click book. Just scared to book and pay and then it doesn't happen. Looking at all the case numbers and vaccination numbers, I don't see why it won't go ahead. So to the joburg guys, how you getting your bikes down? I was looking at a few transport guys and the prices vary from R1300 to just over R2000 for a tandem. The guy I used before(is a hubber) sold the business, so I called the new owner and he happens to be the cheapest option that I have seen. But he currently doesn't have enough bookings to make the trip worth his while. So I am going to use my highish post count here and do a free punt for this guy. Go check him out at A Ride 4 My Bike.
  14. Ahhhhh Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley. Was hoping it would go the other way. Split decision. https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/12394969/jake-paul-defeats-tyron-woodley-via-split-decision-to-extend-winning-streak-in-his-toughest-fight-yet
  15. Also got a wave. Goes everywhere with me. Actually my 2nd one, the common screw driver snapped off and they replaced the whole thing. I was actually not happy as I had my name and number laser cut onto the body but I guess it was easier for them to replace the whole thing than just the broken part.
  16. At one stage while Martin and Simon were looking for stuff to talk about, Simon asks Martin if he had ever raced in these conditions. Martin said he will rather not say anything about what he thinks because he has raced in worse and they never even had rear lights in his days........... Are they all getting softer or are they all just more worried about safety these days in cars that are a lot safer? I heard it was wetter in hamiltons helmet from all the crying about the weather than it was on the track. They could have just driven slower?????? Alan managed a good few laps without crashing..................
  17. I really hope so, getting seriously gatvol of getting mails saying races I have entered are postponed or cancelled. I was meant to race this Sunday and on Tuesday it got postponed till November. Wasn't that long ago berge n dale was cancelled. There was another one earlier this year I had entered that got cancelled. I am waiting till 99 to enter the diamond classic but I really want to race before CTCT and diamond classic is the last chance.
  18. I made a few segments inside SAAT as I often used to rather do my morning intervals inside here than on the road. But I made them private because I don't want to be that tjop having a kom that no one else can have. There used to be a segment up a drag in greenstone that ended inside a complex. So unless you lived there you couldn't get it. I was looking at segments the other day and I see it's gone.
  19. I will be channel hopping a lot in the next few days.
  20. Careful, Careful. I posted that in another thread and it was removed faster than a politician chows kfc. Apparently some lighty that took a thread about the future of races off topic complained.
  21. Yeah that's another legend but, and I stand to be corrected, I don't think he ever raced for Yamaha? I think all these guys raced for Yamaha at some stage.
  22. By the looks of the hippos face, that uncle is about to face the grim reaper very shortly.
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