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  1. They do that kind of crap....alot in the UK really not very cool!!!
  2. Ok boys and girls, Bought the lightie one off Chain Reaction, as he's been itching to ride it to school.....live in the U.K. Not a cheap one mind you. About €450rr He's a very accomplished MTB, and Road rider, and has done some track sessions.... He's now saying he'd like to give the BMX league a go... How do you know what is good for racing? Race worthy vs not race worthy?
  3. I can sleep at night, Ematrol, is definitely not on the banned list, in SA or on the WADA list. Valid point as I know of individuals who would use IVs to pump them up on multi day events to help recover faster. This really p@$$ed me off as everyone else has to focus on eating properly, getting to bed, and staying off the grog. Same rules apply to everyone
  4. Here's a fresh spin; I inadvertently took a banned substance Given to me by a mecic who had my best interests at heart Very sorry for bringing a sport already tarnished, into disrepute Will take whatever sanctions is served to me I had no intention of cheating The end....... What happened to Ematrol? Got me to the end of a Dusi.....mind you the closest I came to a podium was parking a tiger on it!
  5. Exploring the Lincolnshire Countryside, You can ride all the way from Lincoln to Sherwood Forest (Sherwood Pines), all on SusTrans routes, with the section from Tuxford to Cuthburton being the only section you have to share the road with cars in a cycle lane.
  6. Have had mine repaired by Thule. Took it into Umhlanga....rack went to Thule HQ (ok based in Natal). Got back two days later, repaired (replaced the broken parts). The repair wasn't cheap though, about 3k, but considering, the racks are double that in price, for me it was a no brainer, and insurance picked up the bill with a smile. Hope you come right
  7. Got my entry, don't know if I'm ready. But it's going to be a blast!
  8. Section on the yellow route, past the Rocky's Drift Road....basically the last yellow arrow
  9. Just checked this tread.....interesting choice of semantics. Was just thinking well if he's been bust we all in serious trouble! Glad to see it's got to do with shocks and stuff!
  10. RockHound

    Sani2c 2016

    It was, actually catered for within reason: Eggs where available in the table, with cheese and cold meats. If you wanted a worse roll, they had the most awesome pork sausages, with or without a bun....for high or low carb options.
  11. RockHound

    Sani2c 2016

    I've have a substitute entry, How do you get the track files for your GPS?
  12. Keep the faith brother...if you build it they will come!
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