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  1. Can someone tell me.....is it possible to add the water points like a waypoint on an existing route? Or is there a way you can set up the garmin to give you an indication whats the distances between the water points or how do you guys remember the distances? Do you make a note and stick it to your handle bar? Just interested to know
  2. Does anyone perhaps have the gpx file for the 2019 route? Thanks
  3. How many riders more or less in a batch?
  4. Hi all, this is my first Atta. Can someone please send me the strava link for the route? What is the distances and elevation between the WP's? Thanks
  5. Any update on the reg nr of the Fiat?
  6. Thanks Mojoman, will give it a try
  7. I have Shimano PD 520 pedals ons my bike and lately its making a squeeking noise which is quite annoying. Ive lubed the axles, adjusted the cleat tension, put some grease on the cleat screws on my shoes. I dunno what elso to do. Is it perhaps something to do with my cleats on my shoes? Can someone please help?
  8. Ok thanks for the inputs. How accurate is Ride With GPS android app? The only nuisance is you have to use your phone as a gps
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