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  1. Both Yates brothers riding. That’s poor tactics in my opinion. They should keep one of them hidden away and then swop them at night. Each one can ride the stages they prefer. Call it twin doping.
  2. No homework Bonus. I have fortunately been quite busy.
  3. And I’m inspired to get back on the bike. Trainer to start. Don’t think I will race again though. Those toppies in the racing batch are too intense. Very nice Tour. Thank you everyone for the companionship. You all made it special.
  4. HappyMartin


    Good game today. Lekker vibe in the stadium as well.
  5. Yoh yoh yoh. That was great. I love the whole podium. Awesome. I’m so pleased for GT. Also glad that Froome is on the podium. Always like Tommy D. Yesterday was out of character, and totally understandable. Sorry for Roglic. Rugby was pretty good this afternoon as well.
  6. 16:50 this evening is the repeat stream on DSTV so I will turn off phone and avoid you lot until I have watched it. I will only be home from the rugby at about 17:30
  7. Double shot of espresso mixed with half a tin of condensed milk. Tastes like old style spoorwee koffie and is as cheap as chips. Carbs, caffeine, protein and even some fats. Works a treat.
  8. No I mean Gerain Thomas. He rod well today. No fuss but did what was needed. Tommy D put in some brave moves but he looks poked to me. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if he pops on the TT. But what do I know.
  9. I didn’t take much notice of GT today but he actually rode that beautifully.
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