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  1. Hardtails definitely aren’t dead, just gotta know where to find them. A few weeks ago I picked up a Commencal meta am. 29er, eagle 12spd, 150mm lyric up front, and beast of all - 65 degree head angle. I’ve spent some time on this bike now and man, no regrets selling the road bike. Happily Cruz along sealed surfaces and get to explore any trails I find along the way. On the trails it’s a roudy barrel of fun! Just as capable as my full sus, just not as forgiving. The meta has quickly become my go to bike for a quick ride after work etc.. best part of all, after riding the meta for a couple weeks, I jumped back on my Hightower and it felt like dream. Hardtails Are ALIVE
  2. Thought I’d try something a little different from my usual! Wow this bike is crazy fun!’ Commencal Meta Am Ht!
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but thought I’d share my latest build. 2019 Ht Lt cc. Fantastic do it all beast! Next on the list, something a little more Evil ....
  4. That’s right! Garigal National Park, Sydney north shore. Mostly sandstone and rocks out here! I won’t lie, I miss my following , that was an awesome bike. The Ht is great too! Probably abit more capable with the additional travel. I’ve done a lot of tinkering on the suspension on my Ht and it’s running sweet. Finally mastered the dark art of suspension tuning I think. The Dvo topaz is proving to be a great shock as well. Super easy to service and plenty of adjustments to make.
  5. My Ht finally complete!! Wow what a bike!
  6. New shock for the Ht! Awsome upgrade from the Monarch Rt3 . First ride felt really good, haven’t even set it up properly yet ! Dvo is really on another level ! Packaging not to bad either , felt like I had just purchased something dangerous!
  7. On sale from pushys for $6.99 ... why not ?
  8. Another member of the family awsome bike this
  9. My n+1/2 Couldn’t say no . $10 off gumtree , not bad . Learn a new skill. Might run away and join the circus !
  10. The wife finally embracing my passion and allowed these into the house
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