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  1. I would go Garmin 310xt or 910xt. I have a 310xt and it does the job extremely well. 20 hour battery life, works brilliant for cycling, running and swimming. I was also worried about the size but i haven't had an issue.
  2. Is is available locally yet in SA?
  3. Just follow the route we did last year. All of it is legal. The m3 is freeway from n2 to princess Ann and then wynberg hill (trovato link) until muizenberg. I can send the garmin file if anyone wants it.
  4. Thanks for the ride guys. And for waiting on the hills for me. I guess I'm being punished for having been off the bike for 8 months. Hopefully my form will return soon. Are we doing another Tour de Peninsula this year? Correction: next year before argus
  5. You going to get sore with any shorts I reckon. The only thing that may differ is the comfort and chafing. One's body also has to get used to the longer rides. You're definitely gonna hurt in something like the DC.
  6. i have to agree! All our club kit has been excellent from rapid sport. The bibs with the blue chammy were the best.
  7. I'm keen for the ride on the 27th. Just starting to train again so it'll be a good day of suffering
  8. niklasvm


    I've also used them. Even had a problem with the one unit and they delivered a new one the next day and picked up the old one. Really excellent service!
  9. Hey guys I'm completing my final year in BBusSc (Hons) in quantitative finance at UCT. Am on the lookout for a job next year (starting January). I'm hoping to find something in investment banking or asset management or anything really in the financial services industry. I have strong interests in financial engineering, derivatives and general risk management. Here's my linkedin profile: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/niklas-von-maltzahn/32/4b8/465 PM me for any more information
  10. A friend of mine now has an A seeding and it says the group goes from -100 to 10. My seeding is now B and ranges from 10 to 15. Seems the group indices have changed completely.
  11. Cool, will probably end up doing that as I'm gonna ride with some other buddies in group G or H.
  12. Yeah, oh well I'm not too concerned as I'm focusing more on triathlon now. I should be time trialing races from TEMP from now on.
  13. my perfect 0.76 index for West Coast Express has gone to an index of 9. All my league buddies who had A seedings now have C seedings so I guess my move from C to D isn't too bad.
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