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  1. i usually only do the 28.5km lap from velverde country hotel. start at 5 20 so there is time to go home and shower
  2. okay cool, just need to see if we can start at the same time and do the same distance in the mornings
  3. I would like to join you guys and definitely will when I'm fitter and faster
  4. mine is probably around the same. are you keen to ride at the cradle?
  5. Have you been to the cradle? Do you know your average speed?
  6. O well. Thank you anyway. Keep well
  7. Hi Do you still cycle? I'm looking for someone to cycle with at the cradle during the week
  8. How do ads get viewed? Some have 100s of views. Mine doesn't show a single one. What am I doing wrong? Please help?
  9. Hi Guys, I've recently started cycling and would like to do it with a person or group of people at the Cradle in the morning during the week. I need to finish around 6 30. I currently do the 28.5km route in just over a hour and would like to cycle with people that push and motivate. Please may you assist me or point me in the right direction, thank you
  10. Hi, Are you looking for anyone to ride with in the mornings during the week?
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