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  1. Hi Rob I’m completely up for it. Actually I was supposed to do stretching exercises a few times per week and turned those session into core exercises! From now on I’ll make sure to focus only on stretching
  2. Seeing a doctor again tomorrow to do more blood test. The first results showed on some values that I might have an inflammation / infection
  3. It’s been a few months that I been having a pain in the lower abdominal area. the first times was not really painful and I would get it once in a while, then with time it started to be more frequent and more painful,at the point where it’s now constant and when I get it I just run out of energy and need to get a painkiller to be able to do normal routine things. The pain happens most of the times after lunch so I been thinking for a few weeks that the problem might have been something that I been eating and thought it might be the IBS, Therefore i been paying close attention to what I eat and been having a food diary. But it didn’t help as I’m still in pain. I’ve randomly seen a physiotherapist and after doing some testing on me he suggested that I might have my psoas inflamed. Connecting the dots I noticed that I been getting the pain mostly after the days off from the bike where I do core exercise,moreover it’s since September that I’m riding a new bike, where the saddle position is of 1 cm pushed towards compared to my other bike. In conclusion, can a different saddle position impact so much the psoas? I also need to add that it’s since August that I been doing a lot of endurance rides and spending a lot of time on the bike. I’m just trying to figure out why after a few years riding the bike where I never had a problem I’m having this horrible pain in my lower abdominal area. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  4. Thanks a lot. How much should 60 min massage cost? so I have an idea
  5. Just wondering if any of you could suggest me a place to have a good sport massage Thank you
  6. Sharing the video of the race. I started at 6:23
  7. Well done, 2h34 min is a great time. My FTP is definitely not there so it makes sense
  8. what was your finish time? Did it get easier after I got dropped or was it as bad?
  9. Sharing the video of the race. I started on $, got dropped at about 50km
  10. I really felt the blood in my mouth, definitely too much for me. Not sure if I didn't position myself well or if the watts are just not there. But I have to say that it was a good training ride
  11. Sharing the video of the race
  12. Anyone with a GPX file if the race?
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