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  1. Sorry to hear about this incident. As a matter of interest what time of the day was this?
  2. This is the issue I have with intervals and Strava. Do some high 1min, 5min and 10min watts and then it throws out some unrealistic New FTP based on critical power?
  3. Eish no mention of the worlds top ranked marathon riders as contenders. Diaz finished 3rd at World Champs just a few weeks back, and the newly Crowned World Champ with Martin Stozek as Canyon Northwave, but the team with backup is the team to beat. Don’t think Sarrou have it in him to go balls to the wall for 8 days off the back of this past XCO season.
  4. I think October is less predictable, more likelihood of rain than in March. I think we just got lucky this year. With that said I've never done a wet CTCT, maybe 2022 is the year that would just be Savage!
  5. 10mins yikes. I haven't even unlocked my front door and my ride is uploaded already, also using a 530 but I've configured it to my wifi, maybe you should consider that.
  6. Nolan is a sprinter that's what they all do at any level. kudos to him.
  7. Well kudos for not being that parent leaving the kids in the car with the car guard.
  8. Sorry Bru it's right there.
  9. Also is all expenses covered or must the new rider contribute his half?
  10. nope @Blouogiesis probably capable of it if he didnt accept the other offer from Andy
  11. Which one specifically and size? I might have an unused set (blue/red) lying around in the garage which I’ll let for for half the price.
  12. Well I’m brand new in the +40 Cat 😋 race ready but if I wasn’t in the middle of massive project at work right now I might’ve thrown my name in the hat too.
  13. Will being a Sub Vet Age qualify you for the Master's Category though? If the ops is willing to forgo the top 20 in masters category he might move up overall on GC instead, good trade off I think.
  14. What about Babse, he can do with a bit of off road riding for a change 🥴
  15. Hahahaha that was really very funny but so true.
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