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  1. Absolutely amped for everyone that will be taking on the Cape Epic Queen Stage 4
  2. Dont underestimate a triathlete at this event, last year I ended it off with a few laps in that mountain pool.
  3. Surely you've entered by now already? πŸ€”
  4. Since you were in the convoy, I'll ask your opinion as well. Did this make any difference to the outcome of the result? Was Pritzen working with Ryan or was he just marking him or is Gibbons just on another level that it would've made no difference? My angle is did it help Gibbons narrow the gab which allowed him to bridge later?
  5. Thanks @Jewbacca @dave303e So my take away is, its for support purposes and beneficial for climbing, anything to save the legs. UTCT will be my 1st 100 Miler, I'm realistic with my expectations as I'm relatively new to trail running. So just a finish is what I am saying now which is +-45 hours but my competitive nature will not allow that, I'll most likely go till I blow, if I can scrape in under 40 hours with the help of the poles then that is something I would like to explore.
  6. I’ll be venturing into the Ultra Trail Running Scene in the 2nd half of 2024 i.e. UTCT and maybe a couple of smaller events, so should I be investing in a set of these trekking poles? Seriously what is it’s purpose, just for support and balance?
  7. Seems to be very similar to 2022's Prologue
  8. so you trying to tell me you will ride all those switchbacks up & down?
  9. Why do you think it would be dodgy. I've done this before & know of people that commute daily using that route. So curios to know why you feel this way? I mean this route doesnt appear on the hotspot map either.
  10. the guy has decent results you just need to do a bit more homework. Only turned Pro in 2022, won the baby Tour the same year, 2021 was the Junior Belgian ITT Champ. This year he finished higher on GC than Remco at the Tour of Spain.
  11. Very surprised to see the amount of crashes had from different riders.
  12. Where in the North are you, I have shock pump you could use. I'm in Goodwood area.
  13. luckily there are enough streams to take a dip to keep cool and maybe higher up for drinking water.
  14. Lessons Learned from previous editions to help guys that may feel intimidated with the challenge. Please feel free to add anything I may have missed. 1. Practice lots of climbing on various terrain, smooth gravel to rocky surfaces. 2. Ride plenty of single track, arm pump is reel once fatigue sets in. 3. Practice Switchbacks...plenty of switchbacks to the left & to the right
  15. or okes that don't run at all πŸ‘€ πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
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