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  1. They have also tried to charge clubs R 500 for an annual fee. This has been put on hold as all the provinces are up in arms. They will kill a dying sport and everyone will go to MTB
  2. Don't you take 4mm off fort your weight or something. Why not call polar
  3. at this stage your 2009 licence is valid until end Jan 2010. Think they should push it out to end of Feb. Based on this year its going to be a big ask to get licences out in two months and thats only if you can apply early December
  4. Doesn't matter when you apply you still going to wait 6 months to get it if you are lucky
  5. I have been advised it will be open from the 7th December
  6. Goodluck hope all goes well.
  7. Sad news we all move to complexes to be safe??
  8. why would they use road shoes and not mtb
  9. Can hit my max for a second or two and then I fall off my bike. That's why its called max.
  10. Try lube your skewers sometimes they are the route of all evil.
  11. It would seem that just because you applied first does not mean you will get yours first our club is still outstanding licences from Jan yet some members that applied in Feb have already had theirs.
  12. If it gets stolen can you go buy another one without crying.If not insure
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