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  1. Hi If been a member since September 2004 on bikehub. Reason for this post is that I have not been online here for a few years now. Mainly because I could not ride due to some health issues. I felt I could not add value here anymore and it was a bit depressing watching others talking about rides while I could not. The plan is to slowly get back into cycling again, hopefully from early next year. In the meantime I will be sorting all the bike stuff and getting rid of what I'm not using anymore. Hopefully I would not be seen as a scammer when I place a few adds. I would also need some guidance on pricing as well. Ian Castelyn
  2. I think a driver can already be charged for leaving a scene of an accident. Like some said maybe the sentence for leaving a scene of on accident should be stiffer. And then maybe an assault charge should be added and if the person that was hit died a charge of murder as if the driver stopped he might have alerted emergency services and the victim could have been saved.
  3. I received two of the same mails. similar items for sale but different users. Look a bit suspicious to me. Sram And Shimano Front Derailleurs - posted by Gerlach XT Deraiileurs - Posted by Rust Never Sleeps Interesting and then the spelling as well.
  4. Any update on when the track will be available again for training?
  5. There is a few things that kills a sport: 1.) People that are members of clubs and partaking in the sport that ask what the club can do for them. 2.) Club management members that are there only there to look after the interest of their own children. 3.) Club management members that are there te see what they can get out of it. 4.) Low membership fees. 5.) Club management not enforcing rules consistently. On point 4. I were involved in a sport where the club fees are only R 120 per year. Members complained it is to expensive. But complain if there is no toilet paper or the clubhouse is not clean. Then if you ask members to come and clean up and fix the place on a Saturday no body pitch. My Daughter are now at a tennis club where the fees are R 120 a month. The clubhouse looks good. On a Saturday there is about 150 people playing social games and so on. And look at a place like Action Cricket - expensive but a lot of people are there.
  6. Good thing you did not try to get around that truck when it switched lanes
  7. Sorry people I'm so pissed off I can't even remember what make my mountain bike is as I have not used it for a while due to health issues. The 4th bike is a pick a pay special Peugot. I'm busy looking for the fotos and details. And have to sort some work issues in between.
  8. I had some affirmative shopping from my garage during the night in Erasmuskloof bordering ElardusPark. Lost 3 bikes. The most noticable of all will be my black Columbus roadbike. The second bike is a Merida Ladies mountain bike - White and green. I will post full details and fotos a bir later.
  9. My view on this is that McBride Know way to much about those on the top. They have to take care of him or he spill the beans. I hate him for what happened at McGoos. On the other hand was it realy him that planted that bom that night or did he take the fall for some one sitting much higher on the food chain today. Only other explanation is that those higher up are scared of him.
  10. Sterkte met die herstel proses. Die fisiese beserings so wel as geestelik. Almal se hulle is bly julle is OK. Sekerlik maar is mens OK na so ondervinding. En dit as gevolg van een dronk idioot. Dalk moet iemand sy bail betaal en dan op die single track op julle roete gaan begrawe dat ne sy kop uitsteek. Die mtb'ers op die roete kan dan besluit of hulle die "klip" in die pad wil mis.
  11. This post from the OP actually put to words what the problems are on our roads and country. Everyone thinks that they have the right above any body else. What will the problem be if you wait behind the other riders for a while. Firstly you can have a breather. And maybe have a friendly chat with them. Then pass when safe. You might have an incident later and they will stop and help. But by shouting and flying pass and you then have an incident they might justsay that are deserved and keep on riding. We should stop this sickness to shout and scream if anything or anybody inconveinience us by being to slow or to relaxed. Saying that probably the OP is so stressed that it were more upsetting to see two riders out that are relaxed and enjoying their ride. The OP is probably also one of that drivers that will sit on your tail on a single lane road hooting and flashing at you because you are keeping to the speed limit and stopping at stop streets and robots as you are wasting his time. Get of the road as you preventing him from being an ass. Someone said it before. TOLERANCE . we need much more of that in this country.
  12. If I'm correct there is a squatter camp close to that area. The Residents in the area have been trying a while to get them removed. I'm nots sure if this area falls in his portfolio but contact Francois if not he might point you to the correct person. He were involved in removing some squaters along Hans Strydom. Also try and get hold of the local community policing forum. Francios Bekker coisbek<at>yahoo.com I got his number as well but not sure if I should post it here.
  13. Seems there are not a lot of crazies that keep on coming back every year. And the only reason I missed the last 2 years was due to being out of the country at the time.
  14. I saw on the 94.7 webpage that if you have completed 10 or more consecutive 94.7 races you must mail the race office and you will get a special race number. Probably to tell everyone that you are crazy!! Well I completed 11 in a row from 2000 to 2010 and mailed them with my details and got no acknowledgement that they received my info and verified it. Anyone else that have completed 10 or more in a row that have send a mail to the race office? Did you get any response?
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