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  1. You being too hard on yourself, its early days, but not to mean you completely relax. You mentioned you stop every 10 meters on a hill, make it your goal to stop only every 15 meters, week by week increase by 10 or more. When i started riding, i could not ride 100 meters on a flat road, well was 159kg and a year later am 30 kg lighter and did the 94.7 in under 4 hours. Good luck My 2 cents worth
  2. I god myself a road bike after two years riding an MTB(40% Off Road, 60% Road) riding. I find it extremely hard to climb hills, the very same ones on the road i used to ride with my MTB. My road bike is just under 10kg with pedals, my MTB was way above 15kg. Will it get better with time or should i get the same Cassette setup i had on my MTB onto the road bike ? The MTB was also 9 Speed, what should i take into consideration if i decide to go this route ?
  3. Thanks for the replies, I tried FlashJordans route, are you sure that route is not 100km, was quite a workout. Thanks, will be doing it more often. The next thing is to find a riding partner, the organised group rides have a lot of groups amongst the, you sort of alone there and no tolerance for inexperienced riders.
  4. I Commute on my MTB to work and back, Keep a weeks clothes at the office, morning i get into my cycling gear and ride to work, freshen up when I arrive and get into work clothes. The Route is only about 9 return, I would like to extend my ride back home, any ideas on routes i could take.
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