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  1. Leave a rating for the seller and move on
  2. Where would one find this
  3. Get a section you ride a lot and then start playing with the settings to see what works for you. make sure it is serviced and operating as it should. Once you have it responding right for you you will feel the difference
  4. That cola is the worst ever
  5. By more hiking friendly you mean you push your bike up the hills? Sorry just joking.
  6. The lower your HRV the more stress is on the body. Dont think about that stess as only what you do in training. There are plenty of other stresses it acounts for psychologic stess, digestive stress and so on. Each persons HRV is unique to him and you cant really compare numbers with other people. 28 days of measurements will be a good starting point to see what trend are forming with your training.
  7. Nice. Looks ready and willing to go down. Enjoy
  8. Feedback from Dryland is that we will receive communication in regards to Tankwa by end of Tomorrow.
  9. HenkD

    Pyga Hubs

    Morning Fellow Mtbers Does anyone know which brand of freebody fits onto the older pyga hubs. 398 Lite Trl is the hub on question. Thanks
  10. Hear they will be back up and running shortly. That is great news
  11. Did Deon finished in the end to make 3/4 for the savages
  12. Evening fellow mtbers I am looking for the adapter to bleed the reverb/xloc. Somehow i have misplaced/lost mine. Still have the oil and syringes so dont want to buy a whole new kit. Hoping someone have a spare or one that they are not using that i can take over from you. Thanks
  13. You can always try the Cradle Mountain Trophy. Takes place in april. Two days, day 1 - 78km and day 2 - 45km. Start and finish every day at the cradle of humankind. Well even if you decide to do another stage race do this one for training.
  14. Could be but then again the heading is a statement and not a question.
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