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  1. Thank you very much. Close to me then...
  2. Where are they located? Need to service my Fox fork and shock. (and i will drop and pick-up myself)
  3. Just disappeared.
  4. Seems like he asked a legit question and got good advice from Jewbacca.
  5. Hi All Anybody had dealings with the below? I posted an add and 5 min later got WhatsApp call. Wanted the bike shipped via courier. Wanted discount which I approved. Am I willing to courier? Said yes, at his expense. Said he will take care of courier cost as he has a account with a courier company - sounded like "Courier Guy". Wanted my account details. Said that I would send it shortly. 2 min later got WhatsApp asking for account numbers. Not once did the person ask any specific questions related to the bike. I am good at giving a proper description but not that good. If legit, my humble apology's. Name : It's Time to ride Looking to buy/sell or service a bicycle? Look no further Give us a call 072 382 8588 Dealers in pre loved bicycles
  6. Thanks. Chain stay = 440 with 46 cassette and 32 chainring recommend 110 links for 10 speed. +2 links for 11 speed. So if their /my calculations are correct, I should get a 112 link chain?
  7. Hi all I bought myself a 11/46T Sunrace cassette (new) to be fitted on a Momsen Vipa. Currently have the XT 11/40 cassette on. Bought the bike secondhand so not sure on the km's on it. Derailleur - XT 8000 - long cage Chainring - Oval 32t What chain length should I purchase ,without killing the bank, that will fit my chainring/derailleur setup? KMC or Shimano for the Sunrace cassette? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all Currently sitting with a Shimano BB-MT800 Pressfit on my Momsen Vipa 2016 model. On the weekend I hit a couple of muddy puddles. now there is a funny grinding noise coming from the BB. Only audible when I put pressure on it. Did the same just before lockdown and thought it an isolated incident. How do I remedy the problem (washing excluded)? If I need to go new, what is best? Cheers in advance
  9. Sorry bud...school fees was paid. I was also tried but luckily I read the Scam tread here on the hub. This happened on the 5th of December last year? Why reporting it on here only now? Bike is long gone.
  10. Bummer, thank you for the info.
  11. Thanks for all the advice and ideas. I made contact with the seller (fellow hubber) and he will swop me a chainring with no thread in He will make that chainring someone else's problem...
  12. Mohammed is a nice fellow, know his business. Will not have my bike serviced there but they are good for everything else.
  13. In communication with Wayne and he will sort me out hopefully with new chainring, giving mine back to seller.
  14. It is for an earlier crank. Getting a refund from the seller.
  15. I do not own a Vernier but know someone. Will have him check.
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