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  1. Race director Annie Batchelder said two cyclists had to be taken to hospital after falling over the timing mat at the finish. She said the mat across the finish line had flipped and distracted the cyclists. Distracted ???? good one :-)
  2. Fact or figment of imagination? If I'm not mistaken AK and LA did not chase' date=' it was the other riders like Schlecks, Sastre, Wiggins, Nibali, Evans who tried first to catch AC, LA / AK tried to catch them... [/quote'] You must have started watching late.... Wiggins and them only went with about 3km to go. LA went to the front as soon as Contador jumped. I'm sure he will say he was slowing down the pace or something like that. Then his buddy joined him at the front.
  3. couldn't go with him even if he wanted to. Didn't stop him or steroid Kloden from chasing though.
  4. ............. with a big enough reality check you can get an even better bike
  5. If you have a race number surely this is proof of having a license? In this day an age you would think that organisers would have access to a list of licensed riders. A gap for someone to provide this service maybe
  6. I think we "met" yesterday in Roundwood. I was the guy in red and white drafting behind your car (silver Audi? with FBD Ras sticker on the back) at the start of the Christy McManus race Recognise your face form the pics. I think being in the car was the wise choice............................. gianni2009-06-07 10:09:19
  7. I thought it was the guy's wife...............
  8. gianni


    eh..........why would a bomb go off in CT ?
  9. Reminds me of Saunier Duval...which reminds me of only one other thing.
  10. ... and then there's Tastic Rys. Oh my word' date=' it's all a big conspiracy! [/quote'] and what about Bjarne Riis ?? No WAIT I have it now. it's Riis Lemmer....cause he's related to GL & KL aka KB It all makes sense now.......... gianni2009-05-05 08:01:40
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