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  1. RIP My friend. We had the most awesome time together at Sani 2 C. I will never forget how awesome it was riding with Colin, Nancy Drew, Clinton and Jonty Rhodes. Left that race feeling super stoked on the awesome friends I had made. Colin is the The Legend.
  2. The company I work for use them everyday without a incedent in over 5 years. They are good.
  3. My Salomon rain jacket is the best. Keeps me bone dry.
  4. Are you not supposed to wear underpants when one cycles?
  5. I bought a pair of Nalini at Design in Motion for under R 1000,00. They are the bees knees.
  6. You doing a bike race or going for a picnic?
  7. Not a great idea. Not going to stop to well and going to eat into your wheels.
  8. Thank you for the good work done by you guys. Really appreciate it.
  9. If you need to ask the price you cant afford it!!
  10. Check that there are no import duties payable on the item, could explain the high price from the local folk.
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