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  1. I just read an article in the Cape Times, some Aussie didn't wake up this morning. He died. 26 years old. Not cool.
  2. whoops I just fell off my chair.
  3. congrats, I almost feel motivated to go out and do my session choice a) risk the Heidelberg unpredictable weather (it WILL rain) b) rollers in the basement. 10 more minutes....
  4. I was trying to figure out the new cycle licencing rules and wondering how I'm gonna get a helmet to fit and whether I'd be faster with different shoes. no no no , now I'm choking on my tea. shot for the giggle
  5. ah Thyolo that's priceless! love it.
  6. that's such a lovely pic of you nellie!
  7. You know it should be fine for the race as long as the brakes stop you when you pull them and the shock bounces but not so that it goes "clunk" ie bottoms out, when you push down hard.
  8. chick Bee is a she. nana. but cool linksSARA2007-06-15 02:17:24
  9. really Bee just find some useful bike boys or walk into the LBS and pull a trembling lip move. sure some nice young man will volunteer to show you ow and then do it all for you. afterall you are a chick with a mtb.
  10. it does prolong the life of the drivetrain if you change the chain before (sometimes once) it is stretched too much. so does regular cleaning and lubing. but who actually DOES that. just ride it till its unrideable and you are forced to stop and drop large sums of money...
  11. the juicies are hydraulic brakes, they do need to be set up properly, bleed ect. They can also be set up for your preference, according to how you want them to respond ...quickly or whatever. the fork on the front is manitou I assume? U need a proper fork pump to set up the pressures in it, if it is air suspension. depon the fork there should be a model name?
  12. what shock is it? there are usually online users manuals. Its pretty easy to figure out. You set it up according to your weight and how you prefer the shock to respond. You need the correct shock pump of course. If you bought the bike at a shop they should do it for you.
  13. now now Im sure we won't be disappointed, have never failed to perform yet. As far as I can tell.
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