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  1. I'm also open for some tri stuff.... Willing to donate some money if I can get a set??? Want to do Ironman!
  2. Hey DC, I'm also thinking of taking this one for my upgrade.... Whats the catch? Do you have to buy the HR strap seperate the GPS side of it? extra monthly charges etc etc????
  3. My vote is also for Wolfie!!!! Absolutely awsome bloke!!! And Pornstar, you will get a rather BIG billboard if he wins!! I'm sure nobody will miss him in a bunch!!! hehehe!!!!
  4. The Ultra runners also swears by the Mague stuff... still have to work up the nerve to try it though....
  5. Mountie, I know Cyclelab Centurion also does 2 rides - a +-2hr and a +-4hr one on Saturdays, starting at 6... Very nice race pace for me!! hehehe
  6. WEll done Lpeens!!! it's always great to reach the goal at this stage of the year!! Me and Nochain was actually discussing this topic on Saturday. I said I wanted a double crunch KFC burger when I reached my goal weight, and then we started thinking of better 'cheats' we can eat to celebrate.... Basically decided on a lekker full 3 course meal at Piatto or some Italian place (Caraffa)! Some Gorgonzola snails... a fillte stuffed with blue chees....chocolate filled pouches for desert, and obviously some devine coffee / dom pedro etc etc etc!!!
  7. This was really an EXPERIENCE!!! Very tough and as Nochain said, so VERY rewarding!!! I love climbing, but at one stage I just thought enough is enough!!! where does it end!! heheheh We got through everything just fine, totalled one brand spanking new set of brake pads, and needless to say, nobody had any spares left by day 4!! Got a set eventually from Dana and then we were well away. I'm soooo glad I didn't have to start in the horrible conditions the frontrunners had on the time trial!! [QUOTE=nochain] And to Beee and her partner who also completed this monster and ended up being 7th in the ladies...I am soooooo Proud of you!!!!!! ag dankie hoor my liefie!!! ons was actually 8ste, maar dit voel soos 7de so!!!
  8. I can only get off work @ 15:30!!!! We'll obviously only get there VERY late....
  9. Hey ND, it seems that you'll have to unconfirm me and Nochain.... Maybe next time!!!!
  10. I just want to know how they did that last 10km's singletrack in the mud and with those litlle nasty dippies and stuff??!!! I could just about get my bike up those little nasty's (pushing and sliding and just getting seriously full of mud) how the hell did they manage?!
  11. Jis maar daai mense op die tandem het guts!!! I don't want to know how much they walked on day 3!!!
  12. Ag nee PF.....jy kan nie met hierdie fotie begin nie....die mense gaan hulle DOOD skrik en nie verder wil kyk nie........ Ag ou Spinnie!!!! ek dink dis sommer 'n baaaaie mooi foto!!!!!
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