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  1. I have done a few 94.7 MTB rides over the years including a few "dirty doubles" but this year it made me think a bit! With the number of excellent MTB tracks/races/rides around the Inland region the 94.7 25km & 50km offers quite an attraction and seems very popular. The Steyn City event attracts a fairly high number of entries and thus the question - how does it compare with other routes/events? Is it more of a "novelty" race for being part of then 94.7 brand or does it really offer a good ride?
  2. It seems as if the organizers have done away with their attempt at a hosting the 'short" ride - may deter some people form entering and a pity. I suspect it may have attracted quite a few entries the time it was offered. I remember many of my mates were making comments on the issues they had with the transfer of their bikes from the finish back to the starting point - apparently some chaos? Any views?
  3. Stolen: Bianchi 27.2 JAB 2018 When: 3 April 2020 Where: Boksburg, Gauteng Garage door forced open and bikes (MTB & Road) removed.....alarm went of but they ran with bikes. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  4. We are receiving many comments about the quality of MTB race/events organizing many which are not too complimentary - which leads us to explore what your (our riders out there) is on the topic. Currently we have an abundance of event organizers (e.g. Bout Time; Racetec; Performance Sport; Finish Time to name a few) who all have their own special events or repeat events. Strangely, comments are received covering a wide area of all these events and thus it seems as if we have room for improvement. Some of the comments are: Event costs are out of lineBenefits of the cost is not visible (e.g. limited goody bags; no medals etc)Event communication and information poorTiming poor and not liveInexperienced personnel at events (marshals etc.)Now, if everybody was perfectly happy, the above comments will never be hear and cycling will be an even happier place. However, if these comments are relevant are event organizers evaluating their own performance? And if so, how? Or is a simple question of economics and business - "get more spend less"...? So, what are the Mountain Bikers and other cyclists saying? Do we need to shape up in this area?
  5. Website confusing and an attempt to group items not user friendly. Also not user friendly for mobile phone or tablet use. Search options e.g. "Province" no multi option choice like before. Predict that the once powerful bikers website will frustrate many whom will give up and go elsewhere....a pity for the time of the year where sales should be at a high.
  6. Is this add a joke or what? Confusion galore with the dates!
  7. fantastic....sounds like good fun...yes 10k and 25k distances
  8. September 25th at 19:00 at Modderfontein Reserve! Has anyne done this before and if so how was it?
  9. Why are there hardly any events listed under the Hub lately? Many events through other media not listed....for a favourite web joint for bikers this is disappointing.
  10. Eish....organizing seems "flat tyres".....even website is a bum one!
  11. Anybody done the 30km? I am not much of a marathon guy but love this distance race for my pleasure! appreciate any comments from those that's experienced the 30!!!
  12. Hi Gaby, you mention nothing about timing on your website - is the distances timed by any organization?
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