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  1. I read a while ago a interview with one of the high profile Red Bull Rampage riders. His view was that the routes are becoming increasingly extreme but there is no way he can choose not to ride as there will always be those who haven't made it yet, who are prepared to risk it all. As soon as he says "this is too dangerous" his career is over.
  2. This guy sommer rides an old CX bike with 32mm tyres, Canti-brakes and a little bit of Mr Min on the saddle. The Greg Edit on Vimeo
  3. Contact the Jo'burg divorce lawyers association. They can provide you with one out of their marketing budget
  4. If a contract was established, and you were prepared to honour your side of the agreement and pay R10 000, the claim would be for the delivery of the bike in question or for damages. The choice is yours. You may think that this is all theoretical but happens everyday when contracts of sale are breached and the aggrieved party chooses to exercise their rights under the contract. There are no specific rules for the sale of secondhand cycling equipment, and most people just allow the guy to get away with it, rate him down and then complain on the Hub, which actually is the rational approach. Your reply is in response to my comment that said I would issue summons in the small claims court. You may choose to do something else. I would choose to make the guy see the error of his ways, and make good his breach. ps. You say above: "R10000 - the price of the Bike ( which you haven't paid anything for, but you believe you you have some rights too)" It is not a belief, it is a certainty. If a contract has been established and the sale is perfecta, not only does the buyer have rights, but so does the seller even if no cash or bicycle has been exchanged. You are entitled to the bike and he is entitled to the R10000. IIRC, one of the consequences is that risk passes upon the contract establishment and if (through no fault of his own) the bike gets damaged or stolen before he hands it to you, you must still give him the R10000, and hope your insurance company will pay you out for your loss. It may not appear fair, but chat to your lawyer and check it out.
  5. No, if there is a contract he can issue summons and demand payment......
  6. No, I would issue summons in the small claims court.
  7. If you had agreed a sale and fulfilled the conditions of establishing a contract (not that difficult) the seller is in breach of contract if he sells to someone else. It is not his to sell even if you have not paid yet. Sue him, and force him to deliver the goods. Issue a summons and let him defend his breach in court. Your correspondence should be sufficient evidence of a contract. If you only agreed verbally, you may struggle with evidence even though the contract may be valid. So send a DM or a WhatsApp - which is why a verbal contact is said not to be worth the paper it is written on.
  8. It wasn't the first and won't be the last time a highspeed, low level fly-by to impress the crowd ended up in disaster
  9. But he has drifted ever so slightly from his original an to build a plane out of scrap parts....
  10. A Hansom is not a Hansom is not a Hansom and what fits on one is unlikely to fit on all the others My suggestion is that you try a few borrowed wheels and see how they fit. Front and back are also likely to be different. Maybe your bikeshop can help.
  11. And of course the IOC bigwigs and their lackeys in the Olympic organisations in each country. But a mate of mine has two sons who won have medals. A gold at London and a silver at Rio, unfortunately in a sport where the hard work is not convertible into a fortune..... so I at least can support them as one of them is going back.
  12. Or keep you eyes open for an older CX bike. I got this Ritchey Swiss+Cross for R7500 a year or so ago.
  13. I'll just leave this here.....
  14. Search the Hub, this question is asked regularly, and more often that not one name comes up . Richard Baxter He is not a "guy at Spez". He is not a bike shop employee doing set-ups part time, he is not some Suzelle DIY with a website and a calculator, he does not sell or service bicycles, all he does is professionally fit cyclists to their bicycles, and he does it very, very well. It is no surprise that his name comes up every time someone has a bike fit issue. He is experienced, meticulous, and truly professional. He has earned his kudos. He has two studios, one at Dunkeld Cycles and one in the Fourways area and there is a reason why Cape based Epic frontrunners come up for him to do their set-ups. Call him on 078 295 5037 and go and see him. He will sort you out.
  15. I'll just leave this here: https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/158796-wahoo-kickr-owners/page/29/?tab=comments#comment-3809871
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