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  1. I know Ti is harder than bluegum, but leaning a top-tube against a pole, ag sies man......
  2. I don't know if one can still substitute. If so, I have two entries free to a good home.
  3. They may be retailers but as far as I know Ikambi are the agents.
  4. @the OP If you are not taking the p1ss, you could not be going about this more badly if you tried. Stop worrying about gear ratios and average speeds, and contrary to what TNT suggested, I don't even think you need a structured training program or a coach at this stage. Just ride your bicycle. Do so regularly, mostly slowly and go further before you try and go faster. When you find that your weekly ride around the cradle is becoming easier, and you can do two laps without struggling, get a coach and get faster. Your current approach, if you are not taking the p1ss, is just plain pointless.
  5. That doesn't mean that the Sunday Times must print your letter just because they have letters page, and if they don't they are acting illegally.. I suspect it means that were the Sunday Times to choose to publish your letter, it cannot be precluded by the state in doing so. I think it also means that within the bounds of the law you are free to start up your own website, make your own rules and impart your own information and ideas without state intervention.
  6. Great fun. Ride as hard as you can in the front group and when you get to Riviersonderend abandon them and have a few little apple, chicken and every other flavour pie and take it easy on the way back. Enjoy your free beer and buy 3 more. Have a lekker lunch and an afternoon kip....
  7. Easy. I only ride roadraces if there are no cars on the road; so except for 947 (which runs a block from my house) CTCT, Greyton Pie Run and K2C it is.
  8. Amateur. If you pump it hard enough you can get it over the ceiling.....
  9. Does anyone know how many missed the cut-off yesterday? With 5 mins to go there were about 30 still out on the course..
  10. I can think of two famous ones, one built roads the other built excellent wheels....
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